Saturday, October 23, 2010

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Today is my last day of work before my vacation. See, originally I took this week off because we were going to go to Disney World. Obviously that's not happening (it's ok, I'll live). I decided to keep my vacation week, though. My family usually takes a vacation during the summer of every year, but last year we didn't, I guess because of all the wedding stuff, and Brandon and I didn't this year, either. So I'm taking my week off, and I've been calling it my Mental Health Week. I'm thinking it's going to be pretty busy, though.
Originally I was planning on taking the whole week to completely clean out, organize, and scrub the apartment. It looks like I will be doing most of that Monday and Tuesday, though. Monday Brandon is off work, so I will spend time with him, but he will want to watch movies and stuff, so I don't know how much cleaning I will get done. Tuesday I will be home by myself, but we are having a bible study/book club meeting at 5, and then I'm going to watch Glee at my parents' house (it's the Rocky Horror tribute episode! Finally!) So I have to accomplish everything by 4 something. Wednesday morning might not have anything going on, but my friend Lauren is going to come by sometime in the afternoon. She hasn't seen the apartment yet, and it needs to be clean enough for people to come over.
Thursday will be the least fun day of my Mental Health Week. I'm supposed to go to the hospital to have an ultrasound (no big deal) and get my gallbladder scanned. The second test is pretty horrible. I had it done four years ago and still remember how horrible it made me feel. You have to lie down flat and they put your belly in one of those scanning donut things while they inject you with something that makes you feel like you're dying. And we're going to do the test at 7 in the morning, meaning we have to be at the hospital at 6:30, meaning I have to get up really early. Fun times.

Hopefully I will recover quickly, though. Friday will be a fun day. I'm going to the zoo with my friend Jackie and her fat baby Owen, and then later that evening Kelli is supposed to come over. I guess after that I can spend the weekend re-cleaning the apartment.

Even if I will be busy (and feel really bad one day), I am looking forward to my week off. I need a little break. My job isn't particularly special, but it's more like I need a break from that day in, day out thing I was talking about in my last post. And I'm very thankful that I have a job where I can take vacation time instead of just unpaid time off work, like some people I know (my poor husband.)

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