Monday, June 27, 2016

Sweet Greetings from Kenya, Rwanda, and Togo

Happy Mail Call Monday- the last of June!

A few more letters came in this week! The first was from Rose in Kenya! 

Rose is such a great letter writer. This time, she shared a lot about her house. She lives with three grandparents and her aunt right now. I'm not sure why she's not living with her dad and siblings, as she has been in the past, but she has a lot of brothers and sisters and she might be staying with relatives to ease that burden on her parents- I wish they could all stay together. Her house is made of mud with a thatched roof, and she gets water from a bore hole. She does not have electricity. She lives close to the school and the project, which is great! She said she liked the pictures we've been sending and she really enjoyed the "lessons" we have sent, which would probably be letters about the fruits of the spirit and the Men and Women of Faith letters we've been sending. She asked that we pray for her studies, and said that her family says "hey." :) She also drew this pretty picture of her home! 

Next was a letter from little Jaki in Togo! 

Jaki wrote a short form letter about her friends, saying that they don't go to the project, and she knows them from school. They like playing dolls and house together. Jaki also shared that her favorite animal is a hen, and asked that we pray that God would bless her parents! 

The same day, we got a letter from Celestine in Kenya! 

Celestine said that last month she had some trouble with her leg, but it's all better now. I'm glad she is ok! She said her family is doing well and she is enjoying school. She said they did VBS in April at the project, and it was a lot of fun. They also took a trip to Mombasa and had a nice lesson about the holy spirit! Celestine said that she received the book we sent (I sent a bunch of books out to our English speakers before the mailing guidelines changed, and I'm glad to know she got it) and she liked receiving the information. :) She also shared that her volleyball team is doing really well, and she is praying for my grandparents and for Brandon. 

We were very surprised later in the week to get two letters from our new correspondent Nehemiah in Rwanda! 

In one letter, Nehemiah said his family grows sorghum and beans. He shared that he is in grade 4 and he is happy to get to write to us. The second letter basically restated the same stuff, but was addressed to his financial sponsor- that's why we got the letters so quickly after getting him as a correspondent! It was nice that his center had him send an extra letter, though. That means he knows he has a "new" sponsor now, instead of waiting a long time to send a first letter. I hope to learn more about him in future letters, when he starts getting lots of letters from us! 

Lastly, we got a letter from our "beloved son" Victor in Kenya! 

Victor writes such nice letters. They're so sweet, but they also have a certain formality about them. He said he hopes we are doing well and that his family is doing fantastic! Wow! He said it's the rainy season in Kenya and people are planting and weeding. Victor also said he's praying for my grandfather, and that he trusted God would heal my back by now. He "wanted to inform us" that for the past few weeks, he was working on pre-exams- mock exams that would help prepare him for the big ones so he could move up to the next class. The results should have been in last month. I can't wait to hear how he did. Victor is always really tough on himself when it comes to his grades. He said he got a C+ last term and said that was "somehow not satisfactory." But I'm really proud of him! Secondary school is tough and there's a reason a lot of kids drop out early where he lives. He is such a hard worker and we are so proud of him. He also said that he has been getting encouragement from Revelation 22:12.

While I have you here, I just wanted to share that my Honduras trip is now less than four months away! The departure date was four months from last Wednesday. :) I'm so excited!!! Folks have been asking if they can donate anything for me to take to the centers in Honduras, and I'm hoping to bring a lot of Spanish books to help the projects stock their libraries (or start them if they don't have one yet!) If you'd like, you can take a look at my wish list here. If you have a Prime account and $3 or $4 to spare, you can pick out a book to be donated to the child development centers in Honduras! :) 

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  1. That's so sad that Rose feels like a burden to her family. I can't imagine feeling that living with relatives is the better choice. Victor is such an amazing correspondent! And how cool that you got two letters from
    Nehemiah! It's also so neat that you were able to learn what they grow for crops.


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