Monday, June 20, 2016

Sweet Greetings from Tanzania, Ghana, Indonesia, and Haiti!

Happy Mail Call Monday!

A few more letters rolled in this week through email. When I get the chance, I'm going to try to go through my entire account looking for some that maybe snuck through and I wasn't notified about, because I have a really crazy number of kids who write frequently that I last heard from in January. It's unusual to have to do inquiries for them or their countries, so maybe there are some sneaky letters. In the meantime, here's what came in this week! First we heard from Elifagason in Tanzania!

Elifagason is such a sweetheart. He said he is so joyful that God is protecting both of our families. His family also send their greetings, and he's very glad that I write to him so often. He said he liked the stickers he got, and he said it's cold where he lives and wants to know how it is in my town. He shared Psalm 23 with us and said he is praying for my duties and hopes I will pray for his studies! I'd also like to note that there was just a 3 week turnaround between the day he wrote the letter and the day I received it!

Next was a letter from my beloved Said. 

Said said he's so grateful that I remembered him. Of course I do! :) He said he had his final surgery where they removed the "iron" from his leg, when he broke it a couple of years ago. He spent most of his letter sharing his gratitude for Compassion's services and for our sponsorship. He asked that we pray for his exams, coming up in June. And his letter just took a month to get to us- he wrote it at the beginning of May. I'm always praying for his studies, but I was excited to see that his prayer request wasn't too far in the past! 

The same day, we heard from sweet Rubby in Ghana! 

I was excited to learn recently that one of Shelley's kids attends Rubby's project. I plan on writing to her soon asking if she knows him. :) Rubby has the sweetest way of phrasing things. When asked about a thank you message for her sponsor, she writes "I really appreciate the letters and pictures you sent me. How should I thank you for your endless care?" She told us that she helps set up the church for worship services, and that apples are her favorite fruit. She also answered my question about coffee, saying that her family "has no interest in it" (depressing) but they really like fruit juice. She said she was praying for a speedy recovery from my back pain, and she asked that we say hi to my mother in law for her, which was nice. She then shared Psalm 16:1. 

The next day, we got our very first letter from Anggi in Indonesia! 

We waited a long time for Anggi- about six months for a correspondent request (girl in Indonesia.) And we sure got a cutie. Her letter was so sweet, too! Anggi's letter was about her hobbies and pets. She said she liked playing with dolls and swimming, and she likes doing those things with her siblings. She has a dog named Bleki and a cat named Sipo, but she'd also like to have a fish and a chicken, and she would name them Sisi and Popi. :) Her tutor wrote a lot on the back of the letter! Anggi said she loves fruit, especially strawberries, and wants to know what I like. Her mom and dad like coffee, but she doesn't. She said she's sad my Pappaw has been sick and she is always praying for him. She wants us to pray for her studies so she can be "smarter" and said "I'm so happy that I can know and be sponsored by you!" And she drew a very colorful picture! 

Later in the week, we got our first letter from Medilien in Haiti! She got a photo update this week, too!

She said she's very happy to greet us in Jesus' name, and she is doing well. She shared that her younger brother's name is Daniel and they are organizing a majorette group for flag day! She asked if we have a majorette group and what we do for flag day. :) She asked that we pray for her health and that God will make her successful in everything she does. 

Lastly, we got a letter from Elisha in Tanzania! 

I never get mad at Elisha for not saying much in his letters, because I know he's hyper and has a lot to do. Seriously, all his letter said that he's having fun at school, he loves me and he is praying for me. And that's ok. :) 

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  1. Anggi's artwork is so pretty! I'm loving all the artwork on your posts thanks to the changes!! And how cool that Shelley also has a kid at Rubby's project! It'd be neat if they know each other! I'm glad Said had his final surgery. I hope he gets all his mobility back now.


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