Thursday, June 9, 2016

Project Letter: ET-522

Here's a letter from tiny Nejat's project in Ethiopia! All the photos come from Compassion's website. 

Grace and peace be upon you. My name is Degu G. I am the elder of (PROJECT) where we are working jointly with the child development center attended by Nejat. We are so thankful for the assistance and support you are providing to Nejat. Thanks to you, she can go to school.

The community is happy of the services performed by the center and the changes prevailing in the children's lives. But there are some people who distort the mission of our center and associate it with the opposition to their religion. As a result, they alienate Bible believers from the social life.

The center has played a great role in the increase of church members. Many center children have come to Jesus. They are serving in church ministry. When compared with the community children, the center children are neat physically, active and brave at school performance, good in their behavior, and accepted by the people positively. Center children have a prayer life. They sing Bible songs. They do not associate with ideas and practices against the Word of God. They witness that Jesus is Savior; they bring their friends to church. A gift of money to the children has helped us to buy chairs for Sunday school.

Ministers serve the center children and their parents by visiting their homes, teaching the gospel, and supporting the center.

I must tell you that the sponsor-child relationship through letters is useful. When children get letters or photographs they feel very happy. They wonder when they read the story of the sponsor's family. They respond with joy when writing letters. We encourage sponsors to continue writing if they can, because letters are very important to the children.

The center is operating with the help of God, and we believe our church must support its mission. Please pray for our holistic ministry. Also, please pray that God will help us to complete and promote the kindergarten school. God bless you, and thank you for your generous support of Nejat.

If you are interested in sponsoring a tiny child in Ethiopia like Nejat, please consider Eyob! He's three years old and lives with his mom and dad. Read more about Eyob here.

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