Friday, July 1, 2016

Compassion Joys: June

Goodbye June, Hello July! It's time for another Compassion Joys post!


I'm happy to report that some of our letters are coming through more regularly now. We have also started to receive printed copies in the mail. This month, we heard from Hankel, Erick, Teresia, Milder, Christina, William, Motempa, Merlyn, Elifagason, Said, Rubby, Anggi, Medilien, Elisha, Victor, Nehemiah, Celestine, Jaki, Rose, Mjay, Amitie, Jeannette, and Thanakan! And a few of those were first letters! 

New Kids! 
We received a few new correspondents this month, too! Some of them were replacements for kids we lost this month, and some were fulfilling old, specific requests I had on the list. This month we welcomed Yesenia in Peru, Isabela in Colombia, Rabbi in Bangladesh, Prakasit in Thailand, Ecel in Indonesia, Isac in Mexico, and Amina in Tanzania! 

Unfortunately, this month we also had to say goodbye to several of our kids. Beatrice in Rwanda and my sweet Eduardo in Honduras both graduated, and Juan in Bolivia, Rachelle in Togo, and Elifagason in Tanzania all lost their financial sponsors. I am working on getting final letters out to all of them. 

Photo Updates!
This month we received more photo updates than any other time we've been sponsoring!!! It's been crazy!! Here are our updated kiddos: 

Ruth in Honduras

Sukumar in India

Laura in the Dominican Republic 

Marc in Haiti

Celestine in Kenya

Medilien in Haiti


Thanakan in Thailand


Francisco in Bolivia

Geison in Colombia


Bijay in India


Hankel in Nicaragua


Maribel in Bolivia


Amelia in Uganda


Brenda in Mexico


Purity in Kenya


Emmanuel in Kenya


Sandier in Honduras


Merlyn in the Philippines


Milton in El Salvador


Milder in Peru


Extra Photos!

This month we got a really adorable extra photo of Anahi in Honduras, which I love and am obsessed with. We've also received a few extra photos of Zoila, our Manna girl. I expect more pictures of Zoila in the coming weeks as Kim and the crew head home from their visit and start uploading images and videos! I thought it was especially sweet that Zoila had Kim come to the library and take pictures of her there, to send to me. :) 


We had several birthdays this month. Amisha in India turned 9; Gloria in Kenya turned 10; Amina in Tanzania turned 16; Nehemiah in Rwanda turned 12; Amelia in Uganda turned 13; Milder in Peru turned 6; Erick in Ecuador turned 7; Yekersew in Ethiopia turned 9; and Emmanuel in Kenya turned 5! 


In June, we celebrated one year of writing to Brian, Celestine, Festus, Purity, Emmanuel, Sukumar, Bijay, and Abdias;  and two years of writing to Reine, Erick, and Barry!


  1. So happy to be given a privilege to post a comment here. You have a wonderful site. Thank you for the effort to publish this.

  2. So happy to be given a privilege to post a comment here. You have a wonderful site. Thank you for the effort to publish this.

  3. I love the extra photos! And WOW!! You weren't kidding about this month having tons of photo updates!!!!!! I just loved looking through tnem! Our Ismael (from your mom) is wearing the same shirt as Purity is! Ismael's photo just updated too. Are they at the same center?


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