Sunday, July 13, 2014

The eighth seven days.

Here are this weeks moments for 100 Happy Days! We're over halfway to the end- but I might just keep posting after I reach 100!

July 6: OK, truth be told, I didn't write anything down for this day. From what I remember, it was an ok day. Right now I feel like most of my days are pretty stressful. So if I can look back on a day and say "hmm, I don't remember anything terribly upsetting that day," I will count that as a blessing.

July 7: I kind of want to say the same for this day, too. I had a good laugh at work tonight, though, and heard a happy story from a coworker. The night wasn't too bad.

July 8: Bible study was canceled tonight, which was a bit of a bummer. My mom and I weren't going to be there, and that's like 40% of our group. And she's the leader. So it was canceled. Anyway, I did go by my mom's work and give her a hug and I gave her a card that I had found at the store. I thought it might help put her in a good mood. I was also pleased because I was able to sell a bag of books at the used bookstore across the street, and I got a few more bucks than I expected. I purchased a book on adoption that I have heard is very helpful, and am adding it to my bookshelf to read later.

July 9: My dentist appointment this morning was really quick! I had to stop by so the hygienist could look at my gums and make sure my antibiotic shots had gone ok, and basically we just had a quick conversation and then I left. I was happy that I didn't have to hang around.....I feel like I'm spending to much time around dentists lately. It's gross.

July 10: Today was a very bad, bad day. I had been quite proud of what all I had accomplished, and was feeling pretty positive until this afternoon. Then something unpleasant and unexpected happened, and I have been upset for much of the evening. But I do have two happy things to report. Well, the first one isn't all happy- right after this upsetting thing happened, I was of course, well, upset. And concerned that the upset would get the better of me. I still had a little less than an hour left in my shift at work, and when I got back to my station after this upsetting thing happened, a friendly face was there! My friend Darlene had stopped by the library for some reason or another, and before she left I was able to write her a note on a piece of scratch paper asking her to pray for me. What a relief that was. She said she could definitely do that as she left. I also want to say on here that today was Julian's birthday- he is one of our new Colombian Compassion kiddos. He is at CO 384, and I have seen a lot of sponsors post this week that they are getting first letters from the kids at this center! I hope to have one from Julian tomorrow or the next day. I didn't get the chance to share his birthday post on facebook, so I will give him a shout out here, before the end of the month Compassion Joys post. : )

July 11: My mom ordered pizza for me and Brandon to have for dinner. It was a nice treat! Especially since this week has been so challenging.

July 12: I decided it would be nice to go have lunch with my mom today, since Brandon was working and I don't get to see my mom so much anymore (I have been scheduled to work on her days off so now the only time I get to see her is Bible study, and we have had a few cancellations over the past two months.) On my way over to meet her at work, I stopped at the mailbox, and boy was I glad I did! I had SIX beautiful Compassion envelopes waiting for me! I was so excited!!! When I met my mom, we walked down to a burger restaurant that is in the same shopping center as her store, and we opened the letters and read them while we waited for our food. Two of them had surprises inside! But you'll have to wait until Mail Call Monday to find out what they were! : ) Unless of course we are facebook friends, in which case your newsfeed was inundated with posts from me yesterday. It took over an hour to type all the letters up and post photos of the artwork and stuff! It was definitely a wonderful treat at the end of a pretty dumb week.

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  1. How fun that you got a good book on adoption!! And 6 letters!! What a good ending to a not-so-good week.


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