Thursday, July 31, 2014

Compassion Joys: July

These are my favorite thing to post!!

 Compassion Family


We received a total of 13 letters this month! We got two from Carlos and Mishel, two from Brenda, and one each from Victor, Mary, Sandier, Said, Barry, Prayer and Tasya! Barry and Sandier's letters were first letters, and Barry's was totally unexpected- we just got him last month, but a required letter was already on the way from his financial sponsor (who wrote four times in 2011 and then stopped) so they just routed it to me! I also learned that our first letter from Eduardo is finally on the way after having him for six months- as of the end of last week, it hadn't been received in Colorado yet, but it is so good to know that something is on the way! I hope that I learn some specific ways to pray for him because I gathered from his bio that there may be some stressful things going on in his family.


We celebrated two birthdays in our far-away family this month! Both kids got birthday cards and gifts from us, though they might be a little late since we just got them in May! Julian turned 7 on the 10th, and Anahi turned 6 on the 15th!

New Kids!

We were very blessed to be able to add Kajal in India as a sponsor child this month! I refer to her as my Indian princess. : ) Kajal was just registered in Compassion's program back in November. She had two sponsors within a very short period of time after being registered, but they both dropped her immediately after sponsoring her. For the rest of this year, she has been waiting. The wait is over! And we definitely won't be dropping her, either!

Extra Pictures!

Another sponsor, Katie C., was able to take gifts for Carlos and Mishel when she visited Peru back in May (we did a baggie swap- I was able to take some stuff to Tanzania for her!) When we got letters from Carlos and Mishel this month, extra photos were included! It is neat to see how much Mishel has grown up since her last official photo was taken. And I love seeing Carlos' smile!

New Sponsorships!

Well, sort of. My mom got a new sponsor child this month, too, so I have a new "sister!" Her name is Jaki and she lives in Togo. She is tiny- just 3 years old! I think my mom picked her in part because she  looks like a baby doll! She also got a new correspondence child named Mathumitha who lives in India.

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  1. I loved hearing about you new kids!!! And aren't extra photos the best???


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