Monday, July 7, 2014

Sweet Greetings from Indonesia

Woohoo! It's Mail Call Monday!

I don't have much mail to share this week- the only letter we received was from Prayer in Indonesia! I like the fact that Tasya and Prayer's letters have been arriving close together recently....Prayer's letter was from April, and Tasya's most recent letter was from February. Since Tasya's had an extra delay of two months, I wonder if there is another letter from her headed my way soon?

Like Tasya, Prayer mentioned the upcoming end-of-year exams for Indonesian kids. He said that he was having three extra lessons a week in order to prepare him for the exams, which would be the "final exam of elementary school." He also said that Easter was coming up soon, and asked how we celebrate Easter. Prayer said that the Indonesian elections were coming up, and that his country would elect a president and a vice president. He said "I hope it can go well and (they) are good people" who fear God. I'm proud of Prayer for praying for his elected officials! I will write to him soon and ask him if he is interested in politics- that would be something we have in common! 


  1. Prayer is so cute!!!! I love that he's praying for his government.

  2. What a sweet kid! I can't believe he's at the age where he's getting ready to leave secondary school! I've definitely been experiencing the whole "they grow up so fast!" with some of my (not-so-) littles recently!


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