Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sweet Greetings

I completely forgot about doing a mail call post yesterday. My mind was on other things. So here is my Tuesday Mail Call Monday post.

I was very happy to get a letter from Tasya this week. The letter-writing changes implemented a year or so ago mean that I don't receive quite as many letters from her as I used to, but since she's getting older, the letters have a little more substance than some of her old ones (which I think were at times just written out of excitement because she got a letter from me- "hello mama! We are all fine here! That's all for now!" haha.) 

26 August 2013
First of all, I would like to say that right now me and my family are in good health. Are mama and family in good health? It's rainy season here now. People tend to get sick on rainy season, so I use my umbrella to go to school so that I won't get sick. A few days ago, me and my family planted several plants. I planted tomato, chili, rambutan and poki-poki. I am happy because the plants that me and my family planted have grown bigger. I also have a cousin named Safti. Safti is my class mate. And also Meidelin. She is my classmate, too. Both of them are 12 years old. I'm glad to have cousins like both of them who are kind to me. That's all of my letter. I'll be waiting for a letter again from Mama. 
May God always keep and protect Mama's family. 
With love, 

Well, if you're like me, you have no idea what poki-poki or rambutan are. I looked them up. Rambutan is a little tree grown in Southeast Asia. Its fruits are red and spiky. When they're peeled, they look like white, skinless grapes. And I found many recipes for poki-poki and they all included eggplant, so for now, I'm going to assume that that's a regional term for eggplant! Also, I'm glad Tasya wrote to me telling me about her cousins (I wrote about my cousins earlier in the year.) I think I'm going to decorate my response letter to her with some umbrella stickers I have. : )

In other sponsor-related news, I received an email last night from Compassion. I had submitted a few inquiries recently about getting another correspondence kid. I actually asked to be put on the list over a month ago, and after a month passed, on the advice of some fellow sponsors, I sent an email. And then I had to send another email when part of the response I received didn't quite match up with some other sponsors' recent experiences. So I got a very nice email from a staff member who picked out a little boy for me and went ahead and added him to my account! His name is Elisha and he's 7 years old. His birthday is September 10. And can you guess where he lives? Tanzania, of course! I just cracked up when I read that in the email. I was at work at the time and this gave my friend Jess and I something to laugh about. I went from expecting to spend a whole day with my boy Said when I go to Tanzania next year, to adding Bonifas to our account, and now we have Elisha! I was worried about how to keep ONE boy entertained (girls are easy- you can paint nails, play with dolls, and things like that.) Now I have three!!

Anyway, Elisha is super cute. I love the fact that he's wearing blue- he looks like a UK basketball player in the making! He looks like he's about to run out on the basketball court in those warm-ups. : ) I can't wait to get to know this little guy better!

Last but not least, we got a new picture of one of our kiddos last night! I logged into Our Compassion so I could see if any of my friends had kids at Elisha's center (he's at 606) and when I saw my account, there was a face on there I didn't recognize! Our Victor has a new picture!! We have had the same picture of Victor for the past year (the first one we received) so it was pretty surprising to get a new one! Here's Victor's old picture....

And here's his new picture!

He looks so grown up! : ) It's funny- I emailed and asked for Victor's previous picture (before we got him) and I think this picture looks more like younger Victor than the other one does! Maybe it's the lighting in the photo. No matter what he's wearing, he's still my handsome boy!


  1. Victor does look so grown up!! I am so excited about your new Tanzanian boy...your 2nd new boy!! Hey, I think having 3 boys on your sponsor visit day will actually be easier than one...I bet they'll help entertain each other! And what a sweet letter from Tasya!! I love how she shared about the plants she's growing...and I enjoyed your explanation of what they are!

    1. You are probably right! And with all three boys spread out around the country, there's a better chance that we will be able to visit one of their centers or their homes, too! : )


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