Sunday, October 20, 2013

News of the World

Here are some news updates from around the world- specifically the countries where Compassion works. I hope they will be informative and helpful to you, so you can known what to pray for in your child's country!

  • Philippines- as you may know by now, shortly after I wrote my last post about prayer requests, a massive earthquake hit the Philippines recently. The 7.2 magnitude earthquake has affected over 3 million people. Almost 150 have been declared dead so far, and as of Wednesday, 23 were still missing. Many buildings have been destroyed, including a large number of churches. Pray for the country, that they will recover relatively quickly from this disaster. Pray for the families displaced by the quake, and for the people who lost loved ones. The most damage and deaths occurred on Bohol island. 
  • Mexico- the people of Mexico's coasts have been dealing with a lot of bad weather lately, due to hurricanes and tropical storms. It's sad- earlier in the week I saw headlines on an American news site that basically said "we don't want to jinx ourselves, but there really wasn't a hurricane season this year!" But just a few weeks ago, hurricanes Ingrid and Manuel killed more than 100 people. Pray for the citizens of Mexico as they brace for more bad weather. Pray for few casualties and a quick response from government and aid organizations. Pray for the safety of the people who live near the coasts. 
That's all I have for now- the websites I check for international news haven't been posting much lately about Compassion countries. Check back next weekend for more News of the World!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this news! I've been praying for the earthquake victims and those who suffered from the typhoon in India. But I wasn't aware of the two hurricanes that hit Mexico. When I'm awake in the middle of the night I'll add that to my prayer list :)


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