Thursday, October 31, 2013

Compassion Joys: October

 Compassion Family

I love reading everyone's Compassion Joy posts at the end of every month, and I've decided to finally join in! I'm linking up with Compassion Family. Here are some happy Compassion-related things from this past month. : )

Two new kids!

Bonifas is our new sponsor child (mom is helping me sponsor him.) He's 8 and he lives in Tanzania. And Elisha is our new correspondence kid. He's 7 and also loves in Tanzania!




This month we got two letters from Prayer, one from Tasya, one from Brenda, and one from Mishel. Brenda and Mishel also drew pretty pictures!

Tanzania Trip Progress!

On the 12th a local restaurant hosted a fundraising night for my trip with Compassion next March. It brought in about $40 total, but every little bit helps. I also had a few donations come in. I was able to book my domestic flights, and I found out that most of the immunizations I need are available for a really great price at my local pharmacy! I can't wait to get to Tanzania and see Said, Bonifas, and Elisha!


I posted some pictures of waiting kids in a recent post, and was able to find a sponsor for one of the girls who was waiting a really long time- my mom! My mom's name is Karen and I posted a Karen in Nicaragua. Mom picked her up and added her to her Compassion family. : )

Surprise presents!

My mother in law left for India on the 17th, and she will be there for 6 weeks. She took a mini backpack full of presents for my Jayid, and gifts for my mom's Amisha and my friend Blaire's girl Nisha as well. They should have been sent in the last day or so! I hope that the field offices are able to get the gifts out soon- Jayid's birthday is November 8, and it would be really cool if he got his stuff for his birthday!!!


This month, our Brenda turned 6 and Prayer turned 11. They had their birthdays on the same day- October 22!

New Pictures!

We got new pictures of Carlos and Victor this month!



Christmas fun!

Not only did we send our kids their Christmas goodies (cards and sticker books along with letters), I was also able to collect a ton of Christmas cards for unsponsored kids. Thanks to my friends and families' donations (plus my obsessive hoarding of cards), I was able to write out and send 178 cards for unsponsored kids! I filled up a whole flat rate priority mail box- and let me tell you, that thing saved me a lot of money on shipping! Anyway, my prayer is that every unsponsored kid will get a card this year. It would be even better if they got sponsors!


  1. What fun Compassion joys!!! I especially love that you have two new Tanzanian kids to visit!!

  2. Lots of Compassion stuff going on for you last month!

  3. I love your list - thank for joining in.

    Your two new kids are precious and that's so cool that you get to meet them soon!

    Good job on the Christmas cards for unsponsored kids. With the help of sponsors at my church we made and sent 275 this year.

    Would you be willing to take a small gift to my boy in Tanzania when you go?

    1. If I have room for extra gifts, I will let you know! I'm taking some stuff for my mother in law and for Hannah, and then a few people have approached me on Our Compassion, too. : ) I'll let you know sooner to time to leave if I will have extra room.

  4. Hello there! I am popping over from Jill's blog! How exciting about your Tanzania trip! When is your trip? My son and I are heading to Mexico in January and I can not wait!!

    1. My trip is in March! That's so exciting about Mexico- I have a sponsor child there, too! : ) I hope I can go visit her someday. She loves dolls and writes about them all the time. I think I would bring her a doll if I had the chance to visit!


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