Monday, August 8, 2016

Sweet Greetings from Honduras

Hey, a Mail Call Monday!

We are going on our fourth week with no letters, which I don't think has happened in about two years, since we had a dozen kids. I hope that more are on the way soon. Technically, I still didn't get any letters in the mail, or any notifications about letters that were ready to read. Instead, I got a notification from Compassion staff because we had to do an inquiry for Sandier. In the one time that he wrote a letter since we sent a large financial gift in December, he didn't say anything about the gift. Since we were supposed to get a photo, and I was looking forward to finding out if his family did indeed purchase a bed with the money (as they are all sharing one- that's what prompted me to clear out my trip savings and send a gift) I went ahead and asked about an inquiry. So eight months after we sent the gift, we got the letter, emailed as an attachment so we could read it a bit sooner. Sandier wrote a regular form letter and then included an extra note.

In his letter, Sandier shared that he broke his wrist a little while back, and he had to wear a cast. The cast is off now, but he says that his wrist still hurts sometimes.I hope that it feels a lot better soon! He also said that with the money we sent, his family got two chests of drawers. They look like big sturdy plastic drawers to me, one set in pink and one in blue. He said it's for storing his clothes. I guess they needed storage more than another bed, which to me says that maybe they don't have much of anything to keep their possessions in. In the photo, I also saw his mom and his sister. He has always said his sister is younger than he is, but she looks about the same age to me, maybe a little older. I guess she could just be tall. The photo in the letter was extremely blurry, so I'm hoping that when I get the digital copy in my online letters, that it will be a bit higher resolution. And I will come back and share that here if that's the case!

Just about two months and two weeks until I get to go see my kiddos- I can't wait! And I'm bringing Sandier lots of clothes to keep in his new dresser. :)


  1. I hope that you're able to get a better quality version of the photo! And I'm so excited that you'll get to meet Sandier so soon!! Any chance that you might be able to visit his home?? Wouldn't that be amazing??

    1. I definitely need to email and ask, as this letter isn't even in my queue of ones being processed yet. And don't think I'm not praying for that every single day! We will be in his city first, and Anahi's city later on! I would love extra time with my kids. I hope their families will come, like the family members were able to on Compassion CA's recent Bolivia tour!


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