Friday, August 12, 2016

Project Letter: BF-508

Here's a letter from our Desire's project in Burkina Faso! All the photos come from Compassion's website. 

My name is Timothee O., the pastor of the church (in Lan.) Our church houses (BF-508), the child development center attended by Desire. The center is located in the midwest region of the country in the village of Lan.

We feel happy and joyful that you support Desire in our center. Nowadays, it is rare to see good people of goodwill like you, who consider others who are unknown to them and support them sincerely. May God grant you his blessings! At the center, the children are given courses that will help them develop in a holistic way. Entertainment activities are also organized for them, and a lunch and breakfast are given to the children.

During the year, educational sessions are organized for parents and their children. A Christmas celebration is also organized that gathers children and their parents to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The day before the ceremony, each child receives clothes and a pair of shoes for Christmas. This celebration gives the children a chance to sing, dance, and do other things which allow them to socialize with people. Medical examinations also help to follow the health of the children registered at the center. All these activities are highly appreciated by the whole community.

In addition, I can say that most of the sponsored children were living in an extreme poverty. Their way of dressing showed it. But today, there is a huge difference, because these children are freed from extreme poverty and are the pride of their parents because of sponsors like you who have intervened. Through the center's lessons, many children have given their lives to Jesus, and we are very pleased. The impact of the center is significant for the community.

Once the children are sponsored at the center, they begin to develop in many ways. They play with children of their age, express feelings and emotions easily, have much confidence and do not hesitate to ask questions. Because of sponsors' letters, the children feel encouraged and happy to know that there are people who love them and pray for them. When replying, children always do a drawing of their choice to express their joy.

All this convinces us that your decision to sponsor Desire in our center is creditable and essential. The children at the center feel freed from extreme poverty through the sponsors' actions, and the parents feel relieved. They always testify their gratitude to us for all that the sponsors are doing for their children. In the village, the children attending the center are distinguished positively in all aspects. Therefore, the church also enjoys a good reputation within the community through your support.

In conclusion, I rely on your prayers for all the children of the center to receive Christ in their lives and to become responsible adults and good leaders to communicate the grace of God. I reiterate my deepest gratitude, and may God fill you with his blessings in Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child at Desire's center, please consider little Dorcace! This little cutie is just two years old, but she'll be having her birthday next week! Getting her very first sponsor would be such a wonderful birthday gift. Read more about Dorcace here.

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