Saturday, August 13, 2016

Project Letter: PE-392

Here's a letter from the project our Yesenia in Peru attends! All the photos come from Compassion's website. 

My name is Roberto A. and I am the pastor of (PE392) in Miramar where we minister to Yesenia. I want to show you my sincere gratitude for what you have been doing for Yesenia. I want to emphasize how important your support is and how much you mean to our ministry.

Miramar is a village, smaller than a district, where malnutrition is abundant and many children are left by themselves at their homes. They are exposed to any dangerous situation because their parents have to go to work at the foreign factories. There is lack of running water and electricity. Children in this village need to spend more time with their parents, have good nutrition, and enjoy their childhood because many children have to work, too.

The impact our center is having in this community is very outstanding. We directly work with the children, but we also have a parenting school and monthly meetings where parents are taught about how important it is to give their time to their children, quality time. At the workshops we have, we try to teach our children and parents how to generate incomes without leaving their homes and being in risk on the streets. We also teach how to provide a balanced diet for the children. Those are effective actions we take in order to try to solve problems we have detected here. During our meetings, we also listen to parents' opinions and share the love of God. Our staff is happy to contribute to these little children's learning.

The direct impact the center has on the children is very important, as many of them are joining Bible school at church. A big group of children has given their heart to Christ and are attending discipleship classes. Children are being helped with their schoolwork and are learning music, which is very good for them to develop intelligence. Above all, they are being surrounded with love. We also have the support of a psychologist, who treats specific cases. Our vision for the children is for them all to have a happy face and know and feel that they are embraced by God, the center, the church, and their sponsors.

Our vision for the community is to let them know that we care about the situations they have to face and that we have effective ways to solve them. We want them to know that they are our priority, but we don't want to do it by ourselves. We want to count with them and are ready to listen to their ideas. Every improvement will be based on group effort, them and us together for a better Miramar.

I thank you for the letters you send to Yesenia and encourage you to keep on doing it because they fill all the children with much excitement. We can see joy on their faces when they know that there is a letter with their name on it. And I ask you from the bottom of my heart that you could pray for our church and for the center. May God bless you and shine His face upon you!

If you are considering sponsoring a  young lady in Peru, please consider Daira! She is 13 years old, and her birthday is coming up next month. Read more about her here.

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