Monday, June 22, 2015

Sweet Greetings from India, Indonesia, and Tanzania

Happy Mail Call Monday!

Letters are slowly rolling in, which is nice. I know that I have more on the way- I emailed to check up on Victor, since this is the first time in two and a half years that there's a significant gap between his letter and Mary's. The Compassion representative who responded went above and beyond and let me know all the letters that they've received since Mary's, so I have an idea what's on the way. :) 

Last week, we got a long awaited letter from Amisha in India!!

The last we heard from Amisha was a pre-written first letter, received in October. So this was a long time coming. She shared that she has a cat named Chakky and she likes to color and draw with her parents. She also shared her parents' names, and said that her grandmother (named Merry) lives with them, and she is sick. Amisha said she's always praying for us and our family and friends, especially "aunty Jess!" How neat!

The same day, we heard from Kajal in India! 

Kajal's letter was about her hopes for the future. She wants to learn about computers and music, and she wants to be a teacher. She wants her community to have clean water and usable roads. 

Then came a letter from Tasya in Indonesia! 

Tasya wrote a nice long letter, about a bunch of random things. She said that there's a river near her house, with clear water, that flows from Mt. Awu, the volcano near her island. She also said there are lots of fish near her house because she lives by the beach. She also responded to my letters about pumpkins (she has seen them a lot) and my letter about crafts (she knows how to make flowers from plastic bottles.) She asked when cousin Siena was having her baby, and asked if there is a river where we live. She ended her letter by asking if I went on a walk with my friends for Valentine's Day! :) 

At the end of the week, we heard from Said in Tanzania. 

Said's letter was a little hard to read, but I made something out about "thank you for making me valuable before God and people," and he said that he appreciates the letters and his family is doing well. He also welcomed me back to Tanzania, so I could see the national park where he lives! 

Lastly, we got a letter from Elisha in Tanzania! 

Elisha's letter was about his community, which is called Kihesa. Only a couple of thousand people live in his community. He said that the main form of transport there are daladalas, which are big buses that carry lots of people and even some livestock (the translator just wrote "public transportation" on that line, though!) Elisha said that one fun thing to do in his community is "respecting other people." :) 

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  1. What a fun letter week!! I love how Said wants you to come back to Tanzania. And it was fun to learn about Elisha's community!! I loved how Tasya shared about the river near her. And I'm so glad you heard from India!!! What sweet letters :)


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