Monday, June 29, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Haiti, Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Uganda

It's the last Mail Call Monday of June!! The year is officially halfway over!!

This week we received four letters! The first was from Caleb in Uganda.

It was nice to hear from Caleb because we hadn't heard from him since January. Caleb's letters are usually about farming. This one was also about farming. He said he's growing maize, cassava, mangoes and oranges. He asked if I like to eat mangoes and oranges. He also said that at the time of his letter (April) he had finished exams and all the school kids were at home helping their parents- with the farming, of course. He also shared that he likes social studies and math best. Lastly, Caleb shared a memory verse John 14:6.

Then we heard from Barry in Burkina Faso!

Barry had a little form letter about Festivals and Holidays. His favorite local festival is called "SNC/National Cultural Week." He likes it because of all the performances of dances and plays. His favorite holiday is Christmas because it celebrates Jesus' birth. Barry also shared some happy news- his mom just gave birth to a baby girl! He asks that we pray for his new baby sister. I can't wait to learn more about her!

Then we heard from Kevenel in Haiti!

Kevenel had a form letter about his hope for the future. He says that his family is small, and when he is grown up he wants to have 2 kids. He wants to be a doctor. His helper at the project also wrote a whole lot- they filled up an extra sheet of paper! He says that his family is doing well and it's really hot in Haiti. Kevenel said that he has been to a wedding in Haiti, and described it for me- the "presenter" asks the assembly to sing, someone reads a Bible passage, the pastor gives the groom some "advices" and "makes them do a vow", and then they put rings on each other. They end with a prayer and a blessing. Kevenel says he is very healthy and he really enjoys geography. He also said his parents grow fruit and sell some in the market. He asks that we pray that he becomes "more intelligent" and does well in school, and he has never heard of a banjo before. He also said he likes to sing, and his favorite song is "I do have confidence in Your kindness." Finally, he said he loves us very much and he shared John 3:16 with us.

Lastly, we got our first letter from Austin in Kenya!

We got Austin as a correspondent in March. He is one of our oldest kids! He said "receive much greetings from me" and he was happy to get letters. He said that he likes to go to church to praise God with his friends and family, and "we learn many things about the death and resurrection of Jesus." He also says that he's thankful that God carried his family into the new year. Austin says that the weather is rainy, and his family is weeding their crops. He aso says he's praying for us, specifically for me, for Brandon, for my dad and my grandfathers. He asks that we pray for him to have success while he works to have a career as a mechanic. He also shared John 3:16 with us!

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  1. I'm so glad you heard from Austin! How cool that he's going to be a mechanic!! And I love Kevenel's aspirations to be a doctor. He wrote such a detailed letter about weddings! I loved it. How exciting for Barry's family with the new baby!!!! And I bet Caleb's mangoes and oranges are delicious...


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