Monday, April 28, 2014

Sweet Greetings from Indonesia

It's Mail Call Monday once again!

It's a one letter week, but that's better than a no-letter week! This week we heard from Prayer in Indonesia.

Prayer opened his letter with "I hope Mrs Jessi is doing well." He shared that he and his family are doing well. He also told me about some recent natural disasters in Indonesia. There has been a lot of rain and flooding, and some landslides. The problem was pretty widespread, but Prayer and his family are ok- their village just had some heavy rain and wind. I'm glad that they're safe, and I hope that Tasya's family wasn't too badly affected, either! 

I've got to get to work on another batch of letters to send out, too! My city's most famous even, the Kentucky Derby, is coming up this weekend. The Derby festival is an exciting time where I live- there are fireworks, parades, balloon races, and other fun things going on! My extended family also celebrates my birthday on that weekend, anywhere between a week and a few days early. So Derby's extra fun, because of cake and presents! : ) I always write to my kids about the Derby festival, since it's the most interesting thing that happens around here! My cousin and his family are coming up from Florida for the Derby, too, and I finally get to meet my baby cousin Brooklyn- she's 1 year old now! It will be fun to spend time with her while her mom, dad, and big brother are at the race! 

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  1. What a great letter from Prayer! I'm glad he's ok. And what a fun letter topic!!! I also hope you have fun with your little cousin :)


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