Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Compassion Joys: March

It's that time once again! Here are this month's Compassion joys!!

 Compassion Family


In March, we got letters from our financially sponsored kids' project directors (that would be Tasya, Bonifas, and Jayid.) We also got two letters from Mishel, and one each from Elisha, Brenda, Carlos, Mary, Victor, and Tasya!


We had two Compassion birthdays in March! Jayid turned 9 on the 20th, and Victor turned 17 on the 26th!

New Kid!

When I got home from my trip, one of the first things I did was request another correspondence sponsorship. And I will be asking for more eventually (like, another one after I get a first letter from one of the several kids we've received in the past few months.) I want to write more letters to help make sure all the kids are receiving them. Just a few days after asking, I got a new correspondence child! Meet Sandier. He's 5 years old and lives in Honduras!


This was the most exciting thing!! I learned a lot about Compassion's work while I was gone, and made some new friends, and had a really wonderful experience. It was challenging and illuminating, but it was wonderful. I've posted my journal for seven days of the trip so far, plus an individual story. And I have many more stories to come! As a prayer request, please pray that I'll be able to raise the funds to pay off this trip quickly, so I can schedule another one! The next one will be somewhere closer, like the Caribbean or Central America. : )

My boys!

Obviously, my favorite part of the trip was meeting my sponsor kids. I haven't quite gotten to a blog post about that day yet, but here's a preview!!!


  1. I still haven't had the time to read your posts about Tanzania, but am really looking forward to them. Thanks for linking up!

  2. What a fun month!!! I can't wait to read about your visit with your boys :)


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