Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Compassion Joys: April

I love recounting my Compassion blessings each month- and I love reading other people's Compassion Joys, too! Click the button below to visit Jill's blog and link up, or read some other posts!

 Compassion Family


This month we got three letters from Carlos in Peru, one letter from Prayer in Indonesia, and a first letter from Patricia in Brazil! Two of Carlos' letters were delayed a bit, as they were written in December.




New Kids!

Two weeks ago, I received a new correspondence child in Haiti! His name is Kevenel and his birthday is June 16! He's just 7 years old! He's sooooo cute. I'm really happy to have a Haitian child again, after Joane left the program last year! I have a lot of love in my heart for Haiti!


My mom also got a new correspondence child this month, and I'm really excited for her. Her child in Burkina Faso was pulled from the program a month or two ago, and she just got around to asking for another child. She now has 12 year old Swati in India!


This month I was able to send gifts to four of my kids! Katie C. is taking two bags to Peru for Carlos and Mishel, and Kim H. is taking two bags to Honduras for Sandier and Eduardo! I haven't had my Honduran boys for very long, so it was a little hard to shop for them. But hopefully they like the things I was able to send!


I'm doing another fundraiser with Apparent Project to raise money for the moms and dads in Haiti, and for my next trip with Compassion. I'd appreciate your prayers for success in this fundraiser. I sold quite a few items in the first few days, but since then, nothing. I would really like to sell all of the items I have, because that would mean $750 for Haitian families. I have them for a few more weeks, so we'll see! I thought it was neat that my Haitian jewelry arrived the same day that we got Kevenel. Maybe I'm supposed to go to Haiti for my next trip? : )

I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's Compassion Joy posts!


  1. Kevenel is adorable - I love the name! Also love Prayer's name!!

    Thanks for linking up.

  2. Your little Haitian guy is so cute!!! I hope you'll be able to sell everything. That would be neat if Haiti is your next trip :)


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