Monday, January 20, 2014

Sweet Greetings from Indonesia

I almost forgot to post for Mail Call Monday! Since today was one of those rare holidays where the library actually closes, I totally forgot what day it was! : )

This week we got a letter from Tasya in Indonesia! I was very excited when I opened the envelope and saw the familiar handwriting. I haven't heard from my sweet girl in such a long time!

10 November 2013
Dearest mama Jessi, 
First of all I wanna tell you that I and family are doing fine now. School is fine. I'm excited because I will have the semester test in a few weeks ahead. Thanks for praying for me. I pray that you can do your job well. I have a cute younger sister. Her name is Silia. She is four years old. I'm glad to have her as my younger sister. I like to play with my friends. We usually play dolls. I pray that your grandfather gets well soon. I also pray that God bless all of you. I like reading the story books in the library. Some time ago, I joined the marching and tambourine competition in Tamako. I stayed there for one day. There I got the new friends. I was so excited do join the competitions. 
That's all about my letter!
God bless mama and family. 

What a great letter! I was happy to finally learn how old Silia is. I have known about her since I first started sponsoring Tasya almost 4 years ago- that means Silia was just a new little baby! I hope someday I am able to send a doll to Tasya, and maybe one to Silia too. : ) It was also great to read that Tasya likes reading in the library. As I have shared in other posts, the reason I chose to sponsor Tasya is because she listed "reading" as a favorite activity, and that is still one of only two times I've *ever* seen that listed on a child's biography. I will have to do some research and see if I can find some info on this tambourine and marching band competition Tasya spoke of. Having the name of the town should help in my search! 

In other Compassion-related news, this weekend I had a very fun time spending the afternoon shopping with my mother in law Denise. Her sponsor child, Suzan, lives in Tanzania (and attends the same center as Said!) and I will be taking a gift to send to her when I go on my trip- which is less than 7 weeks away! Anyway, I found a pink and white mini backpack for her to fill up, and made a list of suggestions. My husband is one of four boys, so Denise never gets to look at the girly stuff at toy stores or check out the frilly things in the girls' department! We got several things to go in Suzan's backpack, including a small babydoll (wearing pajamas that say "love"), a glittery polka-dotted hoodie, a pack of headbands, gummy hearts, a pack of pink balloons, sparkly crayons, a tube of Lip Smackers, and some glitter gel pens! It was so much fun! I hope that they are able to send a picture of Suzan with her little backpack once it's been delivered! 

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  1. What a sweet letter from Tasya!! I love how she shared about her younger sister!! It sometimes takes years for me to learn more about siblings also…but when I do, it's such a treat. I hope that one day you can send Tasya and her sister dolls!!

    And how fun that you went shopping with your mother in law for Suzan!!! How fun!! It sounds like you found some neat gifts. I have my gifts for Maria and Magreth ready to go!! I'll hopefully mail the gifts to you next week :)


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