Monday, January 6, 2014

Memory Verse: January

Last year, I did a series of posts filled with letter writing topics for each month. I'm not sure I could come up with new ideas for this year (usually my letters are pretty improvised, anyway.) I thought I'd try something new this year!

My Bible study group and I are reading through the Bible chronologically. I plan on writing to my kids about this project, as I have written to them about Bible studies in the past. I thought it would be interesting to see if I could get my kids to participate in a scripture memory project, though. I'm sure some of them don't have complete access to a Bible (they may not see one every day of the week), but I can share a verse with them each month, sometimes in creative ways, and encourage them to memorize it. Scripture memorization is so important! It seems daunting at times, but it can be easy. Memorizing Bible verses is an important weapon in our arsenal against spiritual warfare. It also shows God that we think His word is important enough to commit to memory. And to some people, access to the Bible is a privilege. My mom told me once about a Christian woman in Asia who was practicing her faith illegally and in secret. She knew she would be found out soon, so she worked so very hard to commit as much scripture to memory as possible, so she could recite it to herself in prison. Prisoners of war also shared Bible verses they had memorized during the Vietnam War. If you found yourself in a similar situation, how many verses do you think you'd be able to remember? We have Bibles everywhere- you can even get them at the grocery. But what if God called you to a situation where Bibles were not available, or were even illegal? We wouldn't have the "crutch" of being able to grab a Bible and open it whenever we want to.

So here is the verse I chose for this month:

The Lord will guide you always; He will satisfy all your needs.
Isaiah 58:11

This month, I'm going to send my kids a card with the verse printed on it. Since it is basically the arctic tundra where I live right now, I was inspired by the weather and printed the verse on a pretty snowy background!

I'm hoping to be a bit more creative for the verses I'll be sending throughout the year, but for a last minute decision, I think it turned out pretty well! I'm printing the verses on cardstock, about the size of an index card, so they'll hold up a little better. 


  1. Great idea! I love the printout.

  2. What a fun idea!!! I also love the print too. It's so pretty.


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