Monday, January 13, 2014

Sweet Greetings from India

It's Mail Call Monday! Yay! : )

This week we got a letter from Jayid in India! It was a form letter about his favorites. I think Jayid's project is a newer one, and it seems that they are still getting in the swing of things sometimes. Several staff members at his project speak and write English, so they usually just go ahead and write everything down for Jayid. I'm looking forward to when he's older and writes his own letters, so we can connect more with Jayid through his letters!

In Jayid's letter, we learned that Jayid's favorite subject at school is social science. He likes to wear a kurta and pyjama pants, his favorite animal is a cow, his favorite Bible story is "Abraham's faith story", and his favorite thing to draw is a lotus flower! There was also a short message saying that Jayid was preparing for a children's day drama (Children's Day was November 14, and the letter was dated a week before that), and he made a new friend named Sourabh. 

I like learning more about Jayid! He has a lot of interesting favorites. We actually first had Jayid as a correspondence child in 2011, and in his first few letters, he told us is favorite color was black! : ) So he likes black, cows, and drawing lotus flowers. Also, I thought it was neat that his favorite Bible story is about Abraham- I'm assuming he means the story of Abraham and Isaac, in which Abraham exercised a great amount of faith by being willing to sacrifice his son. I received this letter at the same time I was reading this Bible story in my chronological Bible reading!

Also, this weekend was Mishel's birthday! Mishel just turned 14. For her birthday, we sent her a sparkly card and a pretty notebook. We were also able to send a small financial gift, which I'm thankful for because she has never received a gift from her financial sponsor. Mishel shares a lot in her letters- I can't wait to find out what she got for her birthday!

Lastly, I'd like to share a prayer request with you all. As you may remember, my mom and I were able to send gifts to our Indian kids (my Jayid and her Amisha) when my mother in law went to India in the fall. The packages were going to two different places- the India office and the East India office. I found out last weekend that there may be a delivery problem with one of the packages, and I'm not really sure about the status of the other one. We're not really sure what the deal was, or if the package(s) will arrive at their destination (the Compassion field offices.) I would really appreciate it if you could pray for these packages, that they will safely arrive at the Compassion offices and be delivered to Jayid and Amisha. A lot of love went into preparing these gifts for our kids, and it makes me sad to think that they might not get to them! My plan is to wait another four to six weeks and then check in with Compassion about possibly doing an inquiry with the field offices, to see if they received the packages. They were mailed either late in October or early November, so they should be there by now, but I want to give them enough time to get there before I start bothering people about it! Thank you for your prayers!


  1. I'm praying for the packages to arrive! And what a sweet letter from Jayid…I love the favorites template as I feel it really helps me learn a lot about my kids. I love how his personality comes out!! You'll have to ask him to draw you a lotus flower :) And happy birthday to Mishel!!

  2. I love the "coincidence" in reading that Bible story when you received his letter!

    Praying about the packages....


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