Monday, November 4, 2013

Sweet Greetings from Indonesia and Mexico

It's time for Mail Call Monday again!

This week I was very happy to receive TWO letters! And they're both from kids that have had birthdays recently, which was a fun coincidence. Brenda and Prayer both had birthdays on October 22, and they're the kids I heard from this week!

The first letter I received was Prayer's.

23 September 2013
Hello, how are you Jessi?
We hope you and your family are just fine and get the blessings from the Lord. 
Prayer was so happy to read a letter from Jessi. Through this letter Prayer wants to say thank you to Jessi who have chosen and become the sponsor of Prayer. 
I'm the first son of three brothers. My brothers named Fanoel and Anugerah Wungkar. And now I'm in the sixth grade of Elementary School and me with my brothers and parents go to worship at Indonesia Bethel Church. My activity for everyday are schooling, playing and go to the project, 3 times a week. I'm so happy to go to the project because I can learn how to love God in there, and also be with my friends. The weather at my country sometimes is hot, rain, or cold, very cold. Once again I say thank you because you've been my sponsor. 
That's all from me. 
The Lord Jesus bless you with your family. Shalom. 
With love, 
from Prayer

Wow, Prayer's letter got here really quickly! That's the fastest I've ever seen an Indonesia letter arrive. : ) I was glad that Prayer wrote to me about his brothers- I asked the kids a while back if they could tell me more about their families. And it's great to read that Prayer's entire family attends church together. Reading that made me very happy! He's just the sweetest kid. Even though I've only heard from him a couple of times, I can tell he's going to be a great letter-writer, very kind and informative. : )

Next, we heard from little Brendita. This was a form letter called "About Me."

3 August 2013

My name means: strong like a sword

I'm the...1st child in my family. 

I am 110 centimeters tall. 

The color of my hair is black. 

The color of my eyes is brown. 

One thing I do really well is dressing my dolls. 

One thing I really like to do is play with the dolls. 

When I grow up I want to be a doctor. 

I want to thank you for being my sponsor and taking care of me and supporting me. 

In response to your last letter, I like the Bible verses they read to us (at the center.)

Please pray little duck, my dad, my mom and my sisters. 

Dear sponsor Jessi, 
I want to tell you that I am very happy and that I am doing very well at school and I have behaved very well and I've been taking care of all my family. Well, I say goodbye, take care. May God bless you! I love you very much!

If I ever get to send Brenda presents, or visit her, I'm definitely taking her a doll! I think she has mentioned dolls in every letter I've received from her. Also, I thought it was cute that she asked me to pray for her little duck! I will ask her about her duck in the next letter I send. Brenda is so cute! She also drew a picture for me. Notice that the feature of the picture is, of course, a doll. : )

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  1. What great letters!! That's so fun that Prayer shared about his family…I love learning more about my kids families. And how encouraging that his entire family goes to church together. Brenda's letter is adorable!! I love how she shared her name's meaning and asked for prayers for her duck. And her drawing is so cute!!


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