Saturday, November 30, 2013

Compassion Joys: November

It's time for another Compassion Joys post! I'm linking up with Compassion Family. Here's some fun stuff that's happened in November:

 Compassion Family


This month we got two letters from Brenda, one from Mary, one from Victor, one from Carlos, and one from Mishel. We were also able to send a final letter to Joane, as her family pulled her out of Compassion's program. Hopefully we'll get first letters from Bonifas and Elisha soon!

Tanzania Trip Progress!

Since the Haiti ornament fundraiser has started, fundraising has picked up a little bit! I'm now at 40% funded for my trip, which is nice. I still need lots of help, though! If you know anyone who likes handmade, eco-friendly gifts that also contribute to a good cause, feel free to send them my way! I've sold almost a third of the ornaments I have!


I recently gave a presentation about Compassion to my Bible study group. I had been wanting to for a while, but the timing was right. I needed to clear up some misconceptions about child sponsorship programs, plus I wanted to be sure everyone knew about the other aspects of Compassion's ministry, such as the Child Survival Program and Complimentary Interventions. I think that a few people really paid attention and picked up some info they didn't know before, plus one person would like more information on the Child Survival Program, the correspondence program, and maybe even a sponsor child! Awesome!

More Surprise Presents!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be able to send some gifts to Brenda soon! I was hoping to get them out in the mail today, but had a mix-up in my work schedule. They'll go out on Monday instead. That's technically a December Compassion Joy, but I did my shopping in November! : )


We had three birthdays this month!

Carlos turned 17 on the 11th...

Mary turned 18 on the 25th...

and Said turned 15 on the 30th!

Guest Post!

Recently I was able to write a guest post on my friend Lizzie's blog! You can find it here- and you should check out the rest of her blog while you're over there! : )


  1. What a great month!! I love that you were able to share about Compassion with your Bible study group and were able to share things that they didn't know. That's also so exciting that you're 40% funded for your trip!!

  2. Another great month for you. I'm excited that you were able to share about Compassion - praying right now for the seeds that were planted.

    Also...just left a note on the ornament post that I want 1 of each....

  3. Great news on your progress for your trip! And for sharing about Compassion at your Bible study!


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