Monday, August 26, 2013

Sweet Greetings

Happy Mail Call Monday, everyone!

This week we got a short letter from Jayid in India. This was a form letter on holidays and festivals.

Festivals we celebrate at our project: 

Festivals we celebrate at home: 

We celebrate this festival- Christmas- by December. Easter- April and Eid- September. 

Typical food we eat during the festivals: 
1. Biryani [yummy!]
2. Paneer [not my favorite]

Our project holidays in summer and winter are from May 1 to 7 and December 26 to 30

Dear Jessi, 
I am child development worker writing a letter on behalf of Jayid. He is fine. Family members are good but pray for his mother she is suffering from fever. Now he join school and attends daily. Yes he tells that he eats onion bhajis. He says thank you for stickers and letter. With love, he says. 

I am definitely praying for Jayid's mom, and will ask if she is doing better in the next letter I send to him! I was very tickled that Jayid wrote that he also likes to eat onion bhajis- back in May, I told him how my mom and I visited an Indian restaurant for my birthday, and onion bhajis are one of my absolute favorite foods. So it was neat to hear that Jayid likes them, too. : ) Also, it was interesting to learn that Jayid's family, like many Indian families, celebrate all sorts of holidays, from the Muslim Eid to the Hindu festivals of Holi and Diwali, to Christmas. Though there is some strife between religions in India, I have always found it interesting that the people there celebrate each other's cultures and holidays in peace and harmony. I pray that one day his parents will also want to celebrate Christmas in their home!

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  1. That is interesting that Jayid's parents celebrate both Hindu and Muslim holidays in their home. I also hope that one day they'll celebrate Christmas too and that they'll come to know Christ!! It's so fun to learn more about our kids--like the onion bhajis shared experience between you both!!


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