Monday, August 19, 2013

Sweet Greetings

It's Mail Call Monday! Two weeks in a row I have something to share! : )

I was so happy to get a letter from Joane this week! I usually don't hear from Joane very often, but I have already had several letters from her this year! I'm so thankful for her sweet letters. 

18 June 2013

Dear Jessi
I feel very happy having the occasion to write you this letter. First of all, How are you, your activities, your health and your family? My family and I are fine. My school is going very well thanks to God. In my area, it is very hot and it rains every afternoon. Yes, my family and I grow corn, beans, canary seed. Yes, I have many cousins in my family. Thank you for the letters and your prayers, thank you for the information, thank you for the card and thank you for the stickers. I'm praying for you so that God bless you.  On June 9, the project organized a party for every children in the project. It was World Children Day. We danced, recited poem, sang, and ate. Do you celebrate it in your country, I'm having a good vacation thanks to God, eating, walking, and eating a lot of mangoes. I bank on your prayers, while I will keep praying for you that everything you do can be well. 


It's always nice when I know what Joane's talking about in her letters- sometimes she's vague in her responses, and by the time I get them, I've forgotten what I asked her about! : ) It was nice that she told me what her family grows- I told her about my parents' garden when they were planting it this spring. And I smiled when she said she's eating lots of mangoes! They're my favorite fruit! I always like reading about the Children's Day celebrations at the different projects. 

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  1. What a great letter from Joane!! I love how she answered your questions. And I agree about the mangos. Thanks for sharing!!


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