Monday, November 14, 2016

Sweet Greetings from El Salvador, Colombia, and Tanzania

It's time for another Mail Call post!

Just a few letters rolled in this week! We heard from three of our Colombian kids, who were approaching the six month mark for letters, and that was great! Hopefully more will be coming in next week. :)


Our second letter from Milton in El Salvador came in this week! It's great to hear from him and get to know him better. Milton wrote his letter about his Christian learning, and said he learns about God from his pastor and his tutor at the project. He's been learning about who wrote which books of the Bible, and about when they were written. And he shared that his favorite song is "I listen to the rain" by Joel Ruano. I will have to look that up! His favorite Bible story is Moses freeing the Israelites from slavery, and he asked that we pray for his friends.


Julian just sent a short letter this time, but he did write it himself! He said they are learning about manners and respect at the project, and it's important to always say "hello" and "thank you." He shared that his family rents an apartment and he would like to have a house, and asked that we pray for his mom.


Zalifina shared that she is enjoying attending the project every Saturday, where she learns about physical and social studies, and the word of God. She said her favorite verse is Psalm 35:1.

We also got letters from Geison and Michel in Colombia, but I am unable to open them. I will add their letters to this post when I get the PDF copies or the link is repaired!

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  1. Bummer about the links not working!! That happened to me one day last week. But I enjoyed your letters!! It's always nice when they write about their project activities and housing situations. And how fun to learn some of Milton's favorites!!


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