Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Compassion Joys: November

I can't believe November is over already! That means it's time to recount our Compassion joys for the month!


More and more letters are making their way through the backlogs, which is great! We had some first letters, some long-awaited letters, and some letters that arrived within two weeks of being written! All in all, here's who we heard from: Tamirat, Benji, Sandier, Herlan, Maribel, Pitchaya, Amisha, Angelina, Zalifina, Julian, Geison, Michel, Milton, Thanakan, Kevin, Said, Fatuma, Desire, Isabela, Nehemiah, William, Enal, Merlyn, Carlos, Anggi, Yesenia, Bonifas, Elisha, Kaue, Anahi, Isac, Yisleidi, and Mary A.! That covers almost every Compassion country!

New Kids!

Several new faces joined our far away family this month. I took over writing responsibilities for the last three of my mom's correspondents, so I now officially have Hassan (Kenya) and Swati and Mathumitha (India) on my account.

Three other correspondents were added to my account this month, so we now have Imakulata (Tanzania), Imasha (Sri Lanka) and Bauner (Guatemala) as well!

I also had found out right after my trip that Isai, Anahi's little brother, was available for sponsorship. It took several weeks, but he now has a sponsor and I get to write to him! I'm so excited about that. Yay for Isai!


Many of our kids who had birthdays this month are kids we have had for a long time! This month, Jayid turned 11, Carlos turned 20, Yarianny turned 6, Vandana turned 16, Laura turned 20, Isac turned 7, Kaue turned 8, Mary turned 21, Geison turned 11, and today is Said's 18th birthday! I hope they all had wonderful birthdays and I can't wait to hear what they got with their gift money!


We also had several anniversaries this month! We celebrated four years of sponsoring Jayid after taking over for his financial sponsor, four years of writing to Victor, three years of writing to Bonifas, and one year of writing to Francisco, Milder, Amitie, and Herlan!

Blog Posts!

This month I wrote up my Honduras trip in a series of posts. I will eventually add the links to the "mission trips" tab at the top of the page, but haven't had time to update that yet! In the meantime they can be found just by scrolling backwards through these posts. :)

Photo Updates!

We did have a few photo updates this month! We only have one kid that is officially due for one, so we might not see any new photos for a while. I can always hope, though! Here are this month's updates.









Extra Photos!
We got two fun extra pictures this month! We received a gift photo from Anggi in Indonesia, who was able to get some new clothes with her birthday gift, and we got a photo of Maribel with the gifts we were able to send this summer! A sponsor in Canada and I did a bag swap- I took a mini backpack to Honduras for her, and she took a mini backpack to Bolivia for me. So I picked Maribel. She looks really excited about her gifts! I'm so glad they made it ok and that we got this extra picture. 

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  1. I love the photo updates and new photos!! And I'm so happy Isai is a part of your family now <3


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