Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Project Letter: EI-623

Here's a letter from the director of Jayid's project in East India! The photos came from Compassion's website.

Greetings to you! I am L. and I serve as project manager of the Compassion child development center in Madhya Pradesh region of India, attended by your sponsored child. We are very thankful to you for your support towards Jayid. Your partnership is helping us to meet needs and usher hope for the future. Thank you for understanding the needs of children and supporting them. We are here to create holistic awareness among children and their parents about education, hygiene, and health; but nothing of that would be possible if you are not by our side. So thank you.

One of our girls is particularly grateful for being enrolled in the center. She belongs to a poor family. Her father is a tailor who doesn't get work at times. She is an intelligent girl. She has learned computer and English at the center. She says that she is grateful to her sponsor whose support has enabled her to study in an English speaking school as she studied in a public school before joining the center.

Another child's father works as a day laborer and cannot provide for the needs of his two children. After joining the center, this boy's life is changing as he is able to enjoy the opportunities that his parents cannot afford. Our center is helping him to progress in life and have a better understanding about life and his purpose. He loves music and so he has been given training in guitar lessons at the center.

We are grateful to Compassion for the complementary intervention support through which we have been able to set up clean water facility at the center. When we started this center we struggled a lot for water. Many times the government taps are not given to the public. The center workers would bring water for cooking food and washing the utensils from so far or we had to purchase water from the private tankers which was expensive. Now we have sufficient drinking water and our children and cooks are all happy. We have also constructed a children's park with the complementary intervention funds we received. Children are happy that they can play without restraint and so they come to the center much ahead of their activity time so that they can spend some time in the park with their friends. This is a new experience for the children.

We are happy to know how much you desire to learn about your child so that you can better pray for needs and development. The sponsor and child correspondence is very important in establishing a strong relationship. We are thankful for each letter, photograph, and gift. The children really look forward to them. Children wait eagerly to receive their letters from sponsors. Encouraging words mean a lot to the children as they are filled with the love and care expressed toward their needs. I hope you can write often.

I am inspired to work at this center because I can see the visible change in their lives through the activities of the center. Please pray for our staff members so that they continue to serve the children with the same passion they had when they first started out. We request you to pray for the children, their parents, siblings, and the community at large. We heartily thank God for your love for children, your commitment to them and concern for their lives. I would like to thank you so much for your prayerful support and encouragement to Jayid. May God bless you!

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