Monday, February 29, 2016

Sweet Greetings from India, Honduras, Peru, and Mexico

Happy Mail Call Monday- leap year edition! :)

We got a few more letters this week, which is always lovely! The first was from Amisha in India.

I was so excited to see that Amisha wrote her letter herself!! We haven't heard from her much since we sponsored her, so this really helped me feel more connected to her! She filled out a form letter about a visit to the dentist, and then filled up her free space on the back. She called us aunty and uncle (which made me so happy!) and responded to my letter about names, saying that her name meant something (I couldn't make it out) but her parents didn't pick it for a special reason. She also said that she keeps all our letters safely, and her family is praying for us! It was also neat to see that she wrote her letter in English!

Next was a letter from sweet Anahi in Honduras! 

I always get a little giddy when I see Anahi's letters! I've come to recognize her momma's handwriting. Anahi's mom said that she was finished with school and was now on Christmas break. They got to borrow a relative's car and go visit some family in Olancho. They had a lot of fun (Anahi played a lot and ate a lot!) but they got into a car wreck on the way back home! Everyone was ok and the car was easily fixed, which is a big relief. Anahi's mom also said she loves us very much and my name is in her heart forever, and she loves looking at my pictures! They also drew a little house with a snowman, and a picture of me and Anahi holding a little heart. So cute!! 

We also heard from Brenda in Mexico! 

Brenda's letter was about her dreams! She wants to be a teacher when she grows up, and she really wants to come visit me- and she wants me to visit her! That was basically her whole letter- asking when I was coming to see her! I hope that I am able to someday! 

The same day, we got a special letter from Carlos! 

Carlos' letter was about his birthday gift! He got a t-shirt and shoes with his gift, and we got an extra picture (which I will post later!) He also told me that he wants to be a civil engineer, his mom works as a childcare worker, and his dad is a driver! It was neat to learn more about Carlos' family! 

We also heard from Kajal in India! 

Kajal's letter was about her favorites! She likes the color green and playing hide and seek, and her favorite time of year is her birthday! Her helper at the project said that Kajal can see our love from our letters, and she is praying for my grandparents. She asked that we pray for a little boy at her center who has a stomach ache! She also shared about her upcoming Christmas program at the project; apparently it was keeping all the kids really busy! Kajal also responded directly to a letter I sent about the honey festival we went to back in September- she really liked the photo of the Amish baskets I sent to her, and the picture of my Pappaw's cousin's dog! I sent the picture of the dog because she was wearing a little yellow dress with bumblebees on it, in honor of the festival! I'm glad that Kajal liked it! 

Then we got our first letter from Kevin in Peru! 

Kevin sent a form letter about his day! He gets up at 6 in the morning and prays, has breakfast, and washes up! He attends school every weekday, and goes to the project on Fridays and Saturdays. In the afternoon he does his homework, and he has dinner in the evening. I thought it was cute that he said he goes to bed at 9:10 pm. What a specific bedtime! :) Kevin said he is doing well and he likes the picture of Gimli that we sent to him! He said he has never been to a zoo, but someday he will go, and he said "I am praying for you too, trust in Him because He loves you!" Then he drew some tiny green mountains and some semi trucks. :) 

We also got a quick letter from Mishel in Peru!

I know that there are two letters on the way from Mishel- and hopefully one has a photo attached, with the gifts we sent her over the summer! This letter must have gotten lost along the way, because it was written back in September, and our Peru letters usually get here very quickly! Mishel said that the weather was very hot where she lives, and she really liked all the photos we were sending. She wanted to know what sport I like and what my favorite color is, and she is praying for me and all the people I love! 

Then we got a lovely letter from Ruth in Honduras! 

This was our first "real" letter from Ruth, as her first letter was a form letter filled out before we became her sponsors! It was so sweet! She shared about her friends, including her best friend, Dayana. She said she likes her personality! She asked about my friends and why I like them- that was a fun letter to respond to! She said she would like us to pray that her family lacks nothing, and she said "I will be praying for you and your family. I send you hugs and kisses, and a beautiful drawing!" She drew a cute little house with Christmas lights, and a Christmas tree! 

Finally, we got a surprise letter from our Manna 4 Lempira girl, Zoila! 

Zoila isn't a Compassion kid, but I'm counting her as one because I never would have known about her or Manna if it wasn't for Compassion and the friends I've made through that community! Zoila's letter was a surprise, as the folks who work at Manna weren't expecting letters for the sponsors, but the kids apparently wanted to go ahead and respond to the letters we sent them around Christmas! Zoila said she was really happy we were her sponsors, and called us pretty. :) She said we have lots in common, like our love of books- Zoila shared that she read 35 books last year! Wow! She also said sometimes she reads slowly so she can absorb more information! That is so cool- I'd really like to make her some kind of reading chart!! I'm really proud of her! She said we also both like "bright clothing" and rabbits. She wanted a pet rabbit, but the rabbit that she wanted to keep was gone by the time she was ready to bring it home. She is just SUCH a sweet girl- I adore her. She is perfect for our family. I am mailing out her next letter, along with a folder and some photos, tomorrow! 

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  1. I'm so glad that Amisha finally wrote herself!! I just love Anahi and her mom....they're so sweet and I'm so glad you'll be able to meet them in person. I loved hearing Carlos' plan to become a civil engineer!! I'm glad you were able to hear from Ruth for her first "real" letter as you're preparing for Honduras!! And I love favorite letters, like Kajal's! They give such a good insight into the kids' personalities!! Zoila is so sweet and sounds like the perfect match for you!! You both are so similar!!!!


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