Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Compassion Bloggers in Ecuador

The Compassion bloggers are in Ecuador right now! I always love reading their posts, no matter which country they're visiting, but Ecuador has some fond memories for our family in particular. During a previous trip to the South American country, the bloggers shared about a young man who had been abandoned by his family. I remember being very moved by his story, praying for him as we learned that his sponsors were being contacted to make sure that they were aware of his situation, and overwhelmed as so many members of the Compassion community stepped forward, saying that they were willing and able to adopt this young man if someone would just tell them how. It was during that trip that my mom sponsored Jessika, whom we love deeply and I now write to, who faces her own special set of challenges in her life. Blogger trips always lead us to browse Compassion's website and coo over the children waiting for sponsors, but I think we probably got the most out of that particular trip and the posts that came with it. I thought of that trip specifically in Tanzania as I heard of a young man my fellow travelers visited, who had also been abandoned by his family, just like that child in Ecuador. I still pray for him, even though I don't remember his name.

This trip to Ecuador is a bit short- it started on Sunday and the bloggers are headed back home in three days. I know that they have hit a few snags in their itinerary and have had to rearrange things a bit, but they are determined and changed plans are not going to stop them from traveling and loving and ministering and advocating. Here are some of my favorite posts so far:

"I pointed out pictures of my family and then I pulled out the spoons. I told her how they were made and all the prayers that fell from my lips. I told her how I wanted her to use them and think about how there is a God that loves her and another mom in America that believes in her. I told her I hoped when she saw them she would be reminded she is never alone." (read more at the link) 

"It's Sunday, and I have a better idea of the church I long for.
I want a church of broken people who shimmer with the glow of redemption.
I want a boiled-down, universal language of commonality, a singular thread.
I want an invitation to dance badly and hug strangers.
I want a humble house of God with a curtain for a door, flung over the jamb, covered in roses.
I want a haven, a never-gives-up hope.
But if I really want those things, I have to first be willing to be them.
We have the opportunity to live as though we believe all lives are equally sacred. We get to be part of this. As a Compassion sponsor for over ten years, this gift has never been more clearer than today, squeezed into the home of folks on the far edge of the margins." (read more at the link)

"When we wait and let life happen to us in our everyday lives, we are really robbing ourselves of the hope for what could be the beginnings of change. It's no different with child sponsorship. When we look away, do nothing, and think that it's all too big, we miss what is waiting for us...what we could be a part of if we just step towards it." (read more at the link) 

I can't wait to see what else the bloggers have to share during their trip! And if you're interested in sponsoring a child from Ecuador, check out little Sara below! She is impossibly cute!! 

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  1. I'm so loving their posts and can't wait to share my favorites later this month!


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