Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sweet Greetings from India, Peru, and Kenya

Happy Mail Call Monday- and Happy New Year! After some technical difficulties, I'm finally getting this posted! :)

As the holidays came to a close, three more letters trickled in. The first was our first letter from Bijay in India! 

Unlike Sukumar's letter, Bijay's was written in Hindi. I'm glad to know which language these boys know, so I know what sorts of gifts I should send them! Bijay's letter was short but very sweet and affectionate. He also seems really excited to finally have someone writing to him, and said he is praying for us and asks that we pray for him, too. Based on the language he used, I am guessing that Bijay is a Christian, which is wonderful!! 

On Saturday, we got two letters. The first was from Carlos in Peru! 

Carlos also wrote a short letter this time, but he said that his sister celebrated her Quinceañera recently!! How neat! Carlos hasn't written about his sister before- and in this letter, he said that she's the only girl in the family, so she's very spoiled, but he loves her a lot. :) Carlos asked that we pray for his studies!
Lastly, we heard from dear Victor in Kenya!

Victor shared that his end of term grades were C's, average. I think this is great, but Victor is so hard on himself- he is always saying that his grades aren't good enough and he's going to try harder! My encouragement and praise for him is always tempered with reminders that trying his best is what's most important, and I am very proud of him and love him no matter what his grades are. Victor said that he has enjoyed reading more about my country from my letters, and he asked that we pray for Kenya because of the bad weather they have been experiencing recently. Mary's last letter mentioned the impending El Nino, and Victor said that some areas have had flooding and some people lost their houses. We are definitely praying for their recovery efforts!! 

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  1. Victor is such a sweet guy and writes such great letters. How fun that Carlos' sister had her quinceañera!! And I'm glad that you finally heard from Bijay.


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