Saturday, January 23, 2016

Happy dance!

Well, we're almost a month into the new year, and I haven't done the best job sticking with one of my goals- updating this blog more often! For one thing, I don't feel like I've had too much to say. Even though I haven't had many hours at my second job lately (there aren't many classes or events offered in the winter, meaning less need for childcare at the church) and I should have more free time, I feel like I've been really busy. The days are just flying by so quickly!

But I did drop by today to share one bit of exciting news- I am officially registered for my sponsor tour to Honduras later this year!!! Woohoo!!! Registration was supposed to open January 28, but every once in a while I've stopped by the group tours section of the website to see if it's opened early- and today I hit the jackpot!! I am ridiculously excited. There was quite a bit of shrieking going on in my house as I ran to my dresser to dig out my passport for the registration form. And more shrieking as I got the email saying "registration confirmed." And a little bit of cringing as I transferred the money over from my special savings account to make the down payment (letting go of money is hard, even if I'm totally planning for it!)


I'm so happy!

So now it's time to buckle down and get on the ball with my scrimping and saving, and my fundraising! I have a few things planned for throughout the year, but most of the money will be raised through my paychecks from my second job, and my crafts I've been making. I have been feeling a little bit bogged down with projects lately because some of the stuff I've been working is so BIG, and it takes so LONG, and I get tired of looking at it. This is really good motivation to just get it done! :)

I would truly appreciate your prayers for this trip and my fundraising efforts- God led me to plan for this trip and I know that He's going to be the one to release the funds for it, but I have some struggles with patience and trust, to be honest! And if you have any good ideas for fundraisers, let me know. :)

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