Monday, December 8, 2014

Sweet Greetings from Peru

It's time for another Mail Call Monday!

We just have one letter to share this week! I admit that I feel pretty impatient waiting for the mailman these days- he's coming around about 3-4 hours later than usual because of the holidays, and when he gets here, he usually doesn't have what I'm expecting- whether it's a letter, a card that I know a friend has sent, or a package containing something I've ordered! 

Anyway, here's our letter this week. It's from Mishel in Peru!

Mishel's letter arrived right after Carlos'- his came on a Saturday, and hers was on Monday! I like how predictable Peru letters are! 

Mishel opened her letter with "I greet you with much affection." She said her family is doing well, and said thanks for the letters and the book of planets! I try to send my kids books whenever possible, and it was great to hear a specific comment from one of the kids about a book I sent (Mishel's planet book came from the clearance section at Half Price- it was an older "easy reader" book about the planets in Spanish!) She said the weather in Peru is warm, and asked for prayer for her brother Brayan. I was proud to read that she helps recycle bottles at home and at school! She said that she practices hairstyles with her cousins (she wants to be a hairstylist) and in Peru, they celebrate Independence Day with "colorful parades." She closed her letter by asking for more pictures of my family, and said "I say goodbye with many kisses and hugs!"

Mishel's letter encouraged me to work harder to take photos of my family members, so I can share them with the kids. My plan is to take pictures of as many relatives as I can at Christmas, and then I will have a bunch of photos for letters throughout the year! I had thought about doing this around Easter, but just didn't do it for some reason. Now Mishel's letter has provided me with motivation to actually do it! 

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  1. I love Mishel's interest in your family!! My mum received letters from her two Peruvian kids this week! I'm hoping we hear from our little Peruvian correspondent soon!!


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