Monday, December 22, 2014

Sweet Greetings from Bangladesh and Mexico

Happy Mail Call Monday!

We didn't get much mail this week- I think the holidays are causing some real struggles at the post office, because everything we were expecting was late, and a lot of stuff we usually get never turned up! But two letters did make their way over here, though!

The first letter we received was from Sharifa in Bangladesh!

I sure hope to hear more from Sharifa in the new year. She is so sweet, and we only got two letters from her in 2014! It takes a while for her letters to get here, and I know that there was some major flooding and power outages where she lives. I want to get to know her better!

Sharifa shared that she and her family are doing well, and she said that she goes to the project every day and does "coaching" at the project! I will have to ask her what that means- she could be coaching others! She also said she has lunch there, which is good to know. No matter what her family's food security situation is, I know that Sharifa is getting something good to eat! She said "in our area people grows cow, goat, chickens, ducks and horse." I thought that was a cute description! I also learned that she has one sister, and her family is made up of four people. At the end of her letter, Sharifa said it rains almost every day, and there are lots of canals and rivers. They use boats to get around, and she likes to gather lilies from the water!

This weekend, we also heard from little Brendita in Mexico!

I just got finished transferring this year's letters to a new, bigger binder since I ran out of room in the old one. This gave me the chance to count all the letters we received this year, and Brenda's was our 100th letter for 2014!

In her letter, Brenda wrote about her hobbies and pets. She has a cat named Gato, which means cat! She also said she enjoys playing with dolls, and that she would like to learn how to swim. She also said she wants to swim with her cat! I'm not sure that would work out very well! : ) She also drew a very colorful picture with lot of stick people and little hearts.

Stop by next week for my year in review post- I hope we get a few more letters between now and then!!


  1. Brenda and Sharifa are adorable!!! I'm guessing you meant 10th, not 100th letter from Brenda.... I'm impressed with 10!!

    1. I actually meant 100th- I think we have probably received 10 total letters from her since we've sponsored her, but combining all the year's letters for all the kids, hers was #100!!


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