Monday, November 17, 2014

Sweet Greetings from Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia

It's a snowy Mail Call Monday!

This week we received three letters, all from some of our tiniest kiddos! The first was from Brendita in Mexico.

Brendita sent us a letter about her school. She is in first grade, and her school is really close to her house, so she is able to get there by walking. Her uniform is blue and her teacher is named Esmerelda. Her favorite subject is the color guard, and her favorite thing about school is being with her teacher! She also told us that she behaves well (she has told us this several times!) and she asked that we pray for her aunts and cousins.

Next, we heard from tiny Erick in Ecuador!

Erick's letter was about the weather! He seems to really like warm weather, because that was his answer to pretty much every question. :) He also said that around his birthday, the weather "gets fresh." I don't know what that means, but it sounds fun! Erick said that he prays for my dad, my mom, my siblings, and me, and he said thank you for "always being kind with him." He also drew a picture of a church!

Finally, we got our first letter from Julian in Colombia!

Julian's letter arrived six months and two days after we got him as a correspondence kid. Julian's letter was about friends. Julian said that he only has one friend at the project, which makes me sad! But his best buddy is named Alirio- I think that it would be fun to connect with Alirio's sponsor! He said that they like playing, jumping, and coloring. I thought it was sweet that the form letter asked the kids to tell why Jesus is their friend, and Julian said that Jesus is his friend because "he never leaves me alone!" He also said that friendship means "sharing and enjoying." Julian said that he hopes we always have "beautiful moments", and said that he always prays for us at home, and the project prays for us, too!

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  1. How neat that Brendita does color guard! Erick is so cute...but I have no idea what fresh weather is! And I'm so excited that you finally heard from Julian!!!!


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