Monday, November 10, 2014

Sweet Greetings from Burkina Faso and Tanzania

Hooray for Mail Call Monday!

I have two letters to share this week. First, we heard from Barry in Burkina Faso!

Surprise! Someone got his picture updated! : )

I actually received Barry's letter on the day that I read that operations have returned to normal in Burkina Faso after some political unrest in Ouagadougou. For a little while, the field office was closed, as were some child development centers. Things got back to normal quickly, though!

Barry's letter was about holidays and vacations. In the form portion, he shared that he has a break from school for two and a half months, starting in July. He likes to travel to Kua to visit his uncle. Barry must love his uncle a lot, because he mentioned visiting him several times in this letter! In the question and answer section of the letter, Barry shared that his country's celebration of freedom is on December 11, and while he has never seen it, his parents told him that the army "does a walk" on that day! He asked which holidays we celebrate besides independence day, and said he was praying for Brandon's uncle Dennis and  asked that we pray for his mom's work.

After that, we heard from Bonifas!

Since he had a birthday back in the spring, Bonifas has not been sending form letters. He sends "big kid" letters which are transcribed by a project worker, and then he signs his name at the end (his signature is SO CUTE.) Bonifas said that he loves me so much! He said he's in standard grade 2 and said thanks for his letters. I have been trying to figure out all my kids' siblings names. I know from talking to him in Tanzania that Bonifas has four sisters, and the only one I remember is Karen (which is my mom's name!) So a few months ago I asked about the other sisters. He told me he has a sister named Prisca and that she goes to school with him! Bonifas also said that he was happy to see me in Tanzania, and that he welcomes me back there again. In closing, he shared Psalm 23:1!

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  1. That's so neat that Barry's photo updated the week you got a letter from him! I love that he's able to spend so much time with his uncle. Bonifas is so sweet!!! I Love that your visit had such an impact on him.


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