Monday, October 6, 2014

Sweet Greetings from Honduras

Happy Mail Call Monday!

This week we just received one letter, but it was an exciting one- our first letter from Katherine in Honduras!

Katherine's profile says she goes by her middle name, Anahi, which is what I've been calling her- but her mom wrote the letter, and it says Katherine. Mom knows best! Katherine's letter was a form letter like Sandier's most recent one. It was about her medical check up. She weighs 35 lbs and is 102 centimeters tall. She is healthy and she received vitamins and dewormer at her medical check up. Her mom, Celina, wrote the letter. She said that Katherine wishes us lots of blessings because "God put you in our way to bless us through you." She said Katherine knows how to read and write, and she does really well in school. The letter was written in August, but Katherine was still excited because she turned 6 in July! She said that they are always praying for us, and she would like us to pray for their family, that God would continue opening doors. She signed it "hugs and kisses for your family!" I just love getting first letters from my kids- it really helps me feel connected to them. We've had Katherine for almost five months, so it was good to hear from her! I also like the fact that her mom wrote the letter- I hope that she is able to continue doing this, so I might be able to encourage her and connect with her as well!


  1. She's a cutie :) Most Honduran kids do go by their middle names but I think they might consider letters formal and sign the first name there? Not sure, but going by a middle name outt here is very very common. She probably answers to both interchangeably :)

  2. Katherine is adorable!!!! I'm glad you received her first letter!! We just got a first letter that I'll post later...but I have to wait because we also got a surprise in the mail that I'm waiting to open until Eric gets home and I'll want to share it on the blog too!!

  3. My goodness she is a cutie! :)


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