Monday, October 13, 2014

Sweet Greetings from Burkina Faso and Ghana

It's Mail Call Monday- pointless holiday edition!

There's no mail today, so I'm hoping to get some letters tomorrow! In the meantime, this past week we received two letters!
Our first letter was from  Reine in Burkina Faso. 

This was our second letter from Reine, which is pretty great since we just got her this summer! She shared that she loved the gifts that I've been sending to her and didn't have the words to say thanks. I'm so happy she's liked the little extras! I'm thinking that she hasn't received much in the past from her sponsors, and I'm glad that I can send her these little surprises. She mentioned again that she was on summer holidays and was spending the free time helping her family. Just like with her previous letter, she signed off with a "see you soon!" She also asked that we pray for her country, and asked what I am doing to prepare for my children's future! In my reply letter, I turned that around and told her some of the things we are doing to prepare for our future children. : )

Next, we had a big surprise- a first letter from Angelina in Ghana!

We got Angelina one month prior to receiving this letter, down to the day! It was an introductory letter, so it was nice to learn more about her in that way! Angelina lives with her auntie and uncle and two cousins- I do know that her mother is deceased, but I was under the impression from her profile that she was living with her dad and some other family members. I hope nothing happened to her dad, and that maybe he is just gone looking for work. She likes the colors purple and green, she likes to eat jollof (a rice dish from West Africa), and her favorite pet is a cat! She also likes playing with dolls. She asked what my favorite food is, and says that she is praying for us and she would like us to pray that God will bless her family. I'm hoping to find out in her next letter what she likes to be called- Compassion had her preferred name as a  nickname, and her "first name", which actually comes second in Ghana, is Angelina. And then in the letter, her helper at the project wrote "Angela." I'm going to work on the assumption that she goes by Angelina most of the time for now, and that maybe Angela is just a little more formal (like how Brenda also goes by Brendita- Angelina could mean "little Angela" for her family!) No matter what she likes to be called, I was very excited and surprised to get a letter from her! 

I hope a few more first letters are on their way soon. We are going on five months of writing to a few of our kids, plus we should hopefully get a letter from Sandier soon about the gifts that Kim H. took to Honduras for him. Also this week we got two new correspondence kids- I'm corresponding with Amisha in India (who was recently sponsored by a family member) and now we have Marc in Haiti! It's been a pretty exciting week for us! 

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  1. Reine is beautiful. And how fun to already get a second letter!! It's so fun to hear that the kids enjoy the extras. And I'm so glad you heard from Angelina! I hope you learn soon what she likes to be called. We corresponded with a girl from Ghana named Angelina Maa Abena and she went by Maa Abena.


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