Monday, September 22, 2014

Sweet Greetings from Peru and Honduras

Happy Mail Call Monday!

We received four letters this week! The first was from Mishel in Peru. 

Mishel wrote a short but sweet letter. She answered several of my past questions, but unfortunately, I don't remember what the questions were! She said that she has fun at the project and her mom makes fried foods for Holy Week. She really liked the little gifts I've been sending her, like stickers and notebooks. She asked that I pray for her family, and requested to see a picture of my friend Betty. I was happy to oblige in my reply letter. 

Next we heard from Carlos, also in Peru!

Carlos always writes really nice letters! He wished me a belated happy birthday, which was funny because I think this is the first time any of my kids has ever said anything about my birthday. Carlos said he was happy I was able to travel to Africa and see the kids and visit the Compassion centers, and he hopes that I can come to Peru someday. He also said that every country prepares ceviche differently, but Peru does it best! Carlos said that his family is doing "so-so" but that all families have times like these, and he knows God will help them be solved. He also said nobody is perfect but he tries to do good things, and that he hopes I will pray for him to "not get apart from God." Lastly he shared his mom's name (Corina) and asked that I pray for her. He closed his letter with "a big hug" and love. Carlos drew a really great picture of King David being anointed by the prophet Samuel! 

Then we heard from Eduardo in Honduras!

We have been writing to Eduardo for about 9 months now, and this is our second letter from him. In this letter, Eduardo mentioned getting the gifts that I was able to send when Kim visited Honduras back in May. I sent Eduardo a quart-sized bag with a Bible, some tiny notebooks, a multi-tool, a leather cord necklace, and some candy, pens, and pencils. Eduardo said that he liked the verse on the necklace and it was a nice keepsake (though he called it a keychain.) He also really liked the Bible and says that he reads it every night with his mom and his family. I also sent him a small photo album with pictures, and he said my mom is pretty (she is!) Eduardo asked that we keep praying for him, and we definitely will. 

Lastly, we heard from Said in Tanzania!

Said said his family is doing well and he is healthy. He thanked me for the letters that I send, and said he liked them. He said he remembers I work in a library, and that he is praying for me every day so I will do a good job at work! He is in class five now and he is hoping to move forward to class six next year. He said his favorite sports are football and netball. He asked which sports I like, and about my favorite foods! 

We've had two great weeks for letters! I hope that this upcoming week also brings lots of correspondence from our kiddos. 

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  1. Said and Carlos' letters were so sweet and thoughtful!!!! I love that Carlos takes pride in his ceviche... I'd love to try it! I do the same thing and forget questions... Oops! And I'm glad you heard from Eduardo again. That's so neat that he mentioned the gifts!!! I'm so glad your letter drought is over.


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