Saturday, June 7, 2014

The third seven days.

Moving on to the new are my next posts for the "100 Days of Happy" challenge!

June 1: This evening, I had dinner with several folks who work with my mom (who are like another family to me since she has worked there since I was a tiny baby.) Our friend Ron is moving on to another job, so we were having dinner as a "see you later" party, not a goodbye party. I'm sad that Ron is leaving the bookstore, but I'm glad that he's staying in town, and hopefully we will still be able to see him sometimes. Plus I got to hang out with Anell, which is just the best. We colored (he colored a LOT, which is awesome for someone who has recently learned how to handle crayons!) and played with my phone and stuff. This kid is adorable and lots of fun. Even though I had a bad day Saturday, it made me feel better knowing I'd get to see my buddy the next day! Dinner with friends = happy me!

June 2: I forgot to write something down for this day- oops! I do remember one thing, though: I was able to make a friend happy. I like making people happy- it makes me happy. I surprised my friend with some candy and a new nail polish, and she seemed quite pleased. And that made me smile. : )

June 3: I had three particularly happy things today: I found Hello Kitty yogurt at the grocery store (I love Hello Kitty!) I also got a letter from Brenda and a new correspondence kid named Reine! I'm very excited to get to know her- she's in Burkina Faso, which is a new country for me!

June 4: I think it's kind of funny that most of my happy things involve Compassion or food. This one was Compassion related-- today I got another new correspondence chid, Erick in Ecuador! Ecuador is another new country for me, so I'm really excited about learning about these kiddos and where they live!

June 5: Summer is a really, really stressful time at the library, particularly when we are short-staffed and are experiencing other personnel issues. It's bad. But on this day, I got to spend some time working on fairly fun things, and I worked with my best friend. Those two things make me happy and keep me going in a season that normally leaves me in tears or a ball of tension at the end of the day.

June 6: After a horrendous day at work- seriously, horrendous- we got to go out to eat for my brother in law's birthday. Spending time with my in-laws made me happy, but I was especially happy when Stephen, my 17 year old BIL, offhandedly repurposed a quote from Jurassic Park to suit the conversation. I caught it immediately, said "WHAT!" and made him give me a high five. I was so proud. Which is silly and dumb, but it was funny and referenced one of my favorite things, and it cheered me up.

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  1. I'm so enjoying hearing the things you're thankful for. I saw a quote passing through Facebook about how we always have something to be thankful for... And I was thinking about that truth. It's especially true if we know God! And I know what you mean about many happy things being Compassion related :)


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