Monday, June 23, 2014

Sweet Greetings from Uganda and Tanzania

It's time once again for Mail Call Monday!

I was very happy to receive two letters this week. Hopefully this week will bring many more!

The first letter we received was from Caleb in Uganda!

Caleb's letter was written on April 20, and his letter arrived exactly 2 months later! Caleb shared that it is the rainy season on Uganda, and his parents have been "busy in the garden of maize and beans." Many people were planting their crops, but his family was already finished! Caleb also said that he loved his teacher at school, whose name is John, and his memory verse at the center was Genesis 1:1. Caleb also shared the name of the church where his center is located, and his primary school, but I had trouble reading that. Then he drew some simple drawings of a house, a goat, and a person!

This morning I also received a letter from Elisha in Tanzania! 


Elisha's letter was a form letter about school. Elisha is now in the third grade, and his school is only a kilometer from his house. He is able to walk there each day with no problems. He says his uniform is blue and white, and his teacher's name is Mariam. His favorite thing about school is playing games (I don't doubt it) and his favorite subject is counting numbers!" And he likes to play more games after school! Elisha also said thank you for the letters I have been sending, and he drew some plants and a lady wearing a dress! 

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  1. How fun!!! That's too bad you couldn't read all of Caleb's letter.... That can be a bummer!! Elisha is so cute!!' I bet he likes games!! And what a fun drawing!!


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