Monday, May 12, 2014

Sweet Greetings from Peru

It's Mail Call Monday! I've been away from my house all day, but I'm going to go ahead and post this on the assumption that there is not a letter (or five) waiting in my mailbox for me...if there is, then I'll definitely have something to post next week!

This week I got a letter from Mishel in Peru!

Mishel says that her family is doing very well, and that on her school break, she went to "the farm" with her parents. She helped her mom with chores like cooking and washing dishes, and she also kept up with her school lessons. Mishel asked again what my family was doing for Easter- this letter was from mid-March. Since she has asked about Easter in her last few letters, I have a feeling that she really likes this holiday! I hope my Easter letter was exciting enough for her. : ) I love how Mishel always ends her letters with "I say bye with hugs and kisses." I hope that some day I am able to see Mishel in person!
Mishel and Carlos should be receiving their gifts I sent through another sponsor soon. The Compassion Peru trip ended yesterday, and I'm guessing it will take a few more weeks before the kids receive them. Carlos actually lives in Lima, which is the city where the country office is located. Mishel, on the other hand, lives on the other side of the country! I can't wait to hear from them- and it would be super exciting to see pictures of them wearing some of the things I sent! I know I sent Mishel some headbands with little bows on them, but I can't remember if I ever found a necklace or bracelet for her. I sent Carlos a leather cord necklace with a small medallion on it that had a Bible verse- we found several on clearance at Lifeway last year and snatched them up to send to Carlos, Eduardo, Said, and Junior, my mom's boy in Honduras! 

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  1. I hope that you do hear about the gifts!!! I bet she'll enjoy your Easter letter...isn't it nice when you've already answered a question or sent a photo that they ask for? I always think that they'll enjoy not having to wait so long for an answer :)


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