Monday, September 30, 2013

Sweet Greetings

It's Mail Call Monday again!

This week I was very happy to get my first letter from Carlos!

As with the last few correspondence kids that have joined our family, I did not get an introductory letter from Carlos, so I don't know anything about his family, what he likes, or anything like that. And this letter was addressed to a Beverly at the very top- I don't know if that's his financial sponsor or if he accidentally got a different correspondence sponsor before me (that's happened before- and coincidentally, the person who got one of our kids by accident was also named Beverly!) But I'm glad to finally get a letter from him so I can start to get to know him better! : )

Dear Sponsor Jessi
I greet you in the precious name of Jesus Christ. I want to tell you that my midyear vacation from school is coming up. I also want to tell you that on Saturdays I am studying in Sidem Institute and I am learning a lot about the Office programs and it is very interesting. I also want to tell you that we will celebrate the Independence Day in July 28 and everyone will hang a flag on their house. I would like to know: how are you doing over there? Are you in good health? How is the weather over there? I would like you to pray for me and my family so things will go well for us. I say goodbye with a strong hug, waiting for your reply. 


It's really cool that Carlos is studying office programs- I asked him in a letter if he was referring to the "office" programs on a computer- as in Microsoft Office. That will be an awesome skill to have! Carlos also drew a really neat picture. I actually started reading the letter before I unfolded it all the way- the translation was up near the top, but at the bottom of that section it said "drawing: warriors of Christ." I was extremely surprised and very tickled to see that Carlos had drawn a modified version of the autobots symbol from Transformers!! I am a big Transformers plan and this has just amused me to no end. I decorated his response letter with Transformers stickers, and I am affectionately referring to this drawing as "Jesus Optimus Prime."

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  1. What a sweet first letter!!! And what a fun drawing!!! Carlos sounds like he's going to be a fun correspondent!!! I look forward to hearing what he means by "office programs"!


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