Saturday, September 21, 2013

Photo Flashback

I was thinking about my Compassion kids earlier this week, how we should be getting photo updates for some of our kids. We haven't had a new picture of Said in probably a year and a half, so we should be getting a new one of him soon (we also usually get a special picture of him with his birthday gifts when we send a birthday present- his birthday is in November!) I realized that there were a few kids on our account that we've only ever seen one picture of, so I should go ahead and ask Compassion for their previous pictures while I still could! So I emailed yesterday and asked for Carlos, Mishel, and Victor's previous pictures. I wish I had known about this awesome little bonus for my first several sponsor kids. I would have loved to have seen their old pictures! Anyway, these pics I got in my email are super cute, so I wanted to share them with you.

Here is the picture of Mishel we received when we began writing to her earlier this year, back in the spring:

And here is her previous picture, from before we knew her: 

I like that she's smiling a little bit in the picture! She looks pretty much the same. I wonder if that means her project updates pictures on a fairly regular basis? 

Here's the picture of Carlos we received when we started writing to him a few months ago: 

And here is Carlos' previous picture: 

Wow! He's grown up quite a bit! He looks like he was playing pretty hard before this picture was taken. : )

And this one is probably my favorite, because we've been writing to Victor since the beginning of this year, and I have only ever seen this stern picture of my tall lanky boy:

And here is Victor's previous picture: 

I just love this so much! I hope Victor is smiling in the next picture we receive of him. He is actually a very happy, loving kid! He sure did shoot up like a weed in the time between these pictures, though! 

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  1. Isn't that so fun to get previous photos? Thanks for posting them here!! Your kids are so cute!! I love Victor's smile in his last photos. And all three kids look so grown up!


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