Sunday, June 6, 2010

Too much food!

It has been a busy weekend! Yesterday, we went to the wedding of Brandon's cousin Evelyn. The wedding was really nice and we had a pretty good time at the reception. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a friend of mine was their wedding photographer! It was nice seeing him again. We left the reception and went straight to Red Robin to celebrate my aunt's birthday (which is actually today). That was our first time at that restaurant. I had chicken tenders (usually my first choice) and Brandon had a ginormous burger with a friend egg on it. We were both unable to finish our meals, but took leftovers home. Then last night we went to Mammaw's for cake and ice cream (I was still too full to eat any!)
Then today, we had church this morning, and met Brandon's family for lunch at Red Lobster, to celebrate his brother Anthony's birthday (which was actually Friday.) I'm still really full from that! We also had a fun time visiting the pet store, and we cut Guinea Pig's nails for the first time (not so fun.) Now Brandon has gone to his family's house to play video games and I am at home being sleepy and finding ways to avoid cleaning house. It's not dirty, per se, but Brandon dragged a bunch of stuff out of the storage closets to go through it, and left it for me to deal with. How nice of him, right? Oh well. It will get done eventually. I have actually accomplished stuff in the last week, but there's so much junk around here from when we moved in- Legos and awards and stuff from high school, craft supplies...too much stuff, not enough fancy Rubbermaid containers.
Anyway, this weekend has been a pretty good one, filled with happy occasions and lots of good food! I don't think I'm looking forward to going back to work tomorrow (especially since I still don't have my car)!

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