Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Bolivia

Happy Mail Call Monday, a day late!

Our power was out before I went to work yesterday, so I didn't get to post on time! We just had two letters last week, after a week with no letters. Both the letters we received came from Bolivia! The first was from Maribel, the sponsor child I share with my friend Stephanie. 

This was only our second letter from Maribel, but she had soooo much to say! She did say in her first letter that she likes to talk! :) Maribel responded to many of my little comments about family members She asked for our parents' names and asked how all my brothers are doing, by name- even my brothers in law! She also said to send greetings to Hannah because she helped us find Maribel! How precious. She also said that she is lucky to "belong" to our family, and shared a little about school- she said she is struggling a little in language arts and "plastic arts" but she is working hard!" She dedicated Psalm 121 to us, and drew little hearts and flowers around the corners of her letter. 

We also heard from Juan in Bolivia! 

Juan said he really enjoyed the cards and letters we've been sending! He said he is going to visit La Paz for Christmas and New Years, and asked how we would celebrate the holiday. He also said that he is receiving a bond soon (I'm not sure why, but I think it has something to do with a government holiday) and he wants to save his money to buy a computer!! He also struggled with some subjects in school this year, and it made his mom sad, but he is hoping to bring his grades up for the end of the year. He said he hoped that I wrote again soon, and he wants us to pray for his family! 

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  1. What great letters!! Please tell Maribel hi from me! And you can tell her we sponsor Mary, if you want…I can give you her last name in an message ;) And I love Juan's ambition to save for a computer!!


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