Monday, August 25, 2014

Sweet Greetings from Bangladesh

Happy Mail Call Monday, everyone!

This week we received one letter, but it was an important one- our first letter from Sharifa in Bangladesh!

Actually, we received the letter last Monday after I noted in my last MCM post saying that we had been writing to her for almost 6 months. So it was good to finally hear from her! I had never received a letter from a child in Bangladesh before, and I think that their writing is really cool! Sharifa's letter didn't say much- it was written in April, and she said that it was summer and they have mangoes, jack fruits, lychee fruits, and various kinds of melons. She also said that she likes to sing, dance, and play sports at the project. Since Sharifa's letter took four months to arrive, I have hope that she is indeed replying to our frequent letters, but that they are just taking a while to get here! She may live in a remote area that doesn't have reliable postal service, for example. Either way, I was happy to get a letter, and I'm hoping that many more are on the way!


  1. Oh I love Bangladesh! If my experience is anything to go by, she will begin to answer your questions :) she's a beautiful girl!

  2. We've never had a kid from Bangladesh. Your girl is beautiful!! Isn't the first letter exciting? It's like it makes the relationship real :)


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