Friday, March 21, 2014


Well, I am home. Technically I got home around 2:30 yesterday morning, and I slept till 9 and then tried to live a semi normal day. It worked moderately well. I've developed a sinus infection/cold thingie so that is impeding my progress overcoming jet lag, but that's ok. It could be worse. Though while we are on the subject, I would appreciate prayers for a speedy recovery, because all this coughing and nose-blowing is super annoying.

I thought I'd stop by here and check in, and let you know what I think I'm going to try to do with my posts. I plan to create a series of recaps of each day, where I can share the basics and lots of pictures, but I also want to do some individual posts here and there. Some will probably be about some things I learned, and some kids and families just deserve their own posts. I expect that the majority of my posts over the next few months will be about the trip, because I have a lot to share. Bear with me.

I'm really glad to be home, but there are things I miss. I miss the warm air, first of all, because it is freezing in my house, so that's what's first on my mind this morning. I miss spending the days with the kids. I miss all the singing and dancing. I miss getting waved at by everyone on the street. I miss the smiles and friendly faces. I miss feeling absolutely surrounded, almost smothered with, the love of God. I didn't have a single panic attack while I was in Africa. It's kind of hard to be under attack from the enemy when you spend your days with people who pray so fervently, praise so whole-heartedly, love so unconditionally.

Anyway, keep an eye out for a bunch of posts in the next few weeks. Hopefully I can get started on some soon!


  1. I look forward to reading all the future posts!!

  2. I'm sooo glad to hear that you got back safely and had a wonderful time!! I was praying for you :) I can't wait to hear all about it!!

  3. Wow, it seems like that trip flew by! I'm sure you feel even more so. Looking forward to reading future posts!


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