Monday, February 3, 2014

Sweet Greetings from Tanzania

It's Mail Call Monday!!

This week we got two letters from Said in Tanzania!!

When I got the first letter on Thursday, I posted on facebook that I got my last letter from Said (probably) before I get to see him in March. But then I got another one on Saturday!

8 December 2013

Dear Jessi, 
I greet you in the name of Jesus, praise the Lord Jesus so much. 
Dear friend, I am so happy to write you. I am fine doing well together with my family in daily activities. Are you fine? How are you doing in your daily activities? Dear friend, the aim of this letter is to thank your beautiful gift which I enjoyed so much and I was able to buy shoes for my young sister, sugar, bedsheets, and school uniforms. Dear friend, God bless you so much. 
Also, every Saturday we attend the project and learn word of God and hygiene. 
Today I end my letter here. 

Dear Jessi, 
Praise the Lord Jesus, I hope you are doing well together with all of your siblings. Also we are fine and we thank God. 
Thank you so much for your post card, letter, and beautiful pictures, God bless you so much for your lovely heart for me, I am so happy. Also my mother thanks you so much for your lovely heart. God bless you and increase you where took for me. 
Dear friend, pray for me in my subjects at school so that I perform well. Also pray for me for my broken leg when I was returning back from school and also I ask your prayers for my family in general. Also I pray for you. God increase you more blessings and better health forever. 
God bless you. 


I was so glad to read about what Said got with his family gift! My mom actually gave me a little bit of money to send to Said's family after he wrote that his sister had died. Even though the amount wasn't much, he still got so much with it! He may also be including his birthday gift in there, since his birthday was in November. I was very shocked when I read the second letter, though! I wonder how on earth he broke his leg coming home from school?? I feel that his leg will be healed by the time I travel to Tanzania next month, but just in case, I emailed my trip coordinator and asked her if she thought we could check on him, and maybe find out a little earlier than expected if he would indeed be able to come see me on our visit day. If the second letter was sent at the same time as the first (it was not dated), then it has been almost 2 months since the letter was written, and it could have been a little while since his accident. Then there's another month before I travel, so he should be good by then, right? I hope so! Said is also the man of the house- his dad is not in the picture and his mom works so hard to take care of him and his sister. They also help his grandmother twice a year, with the planting and harvesting. They have to travel to do this. I hope that their lives weren't interrupted too much by this injury!

It's so exciting to think that I will actually be seeing Said before my response letter gets to him! Haha!

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